Heavy Duty Casters for Restaurant Equipment in Miami

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A City Known for Many Things

Miami is known for many things, stunning beaches, amazing weather, beautiful people. These are among the most well known things that one expects to find in Miami. However, there is one thing that Miami has that is hard to beat, its plethora of eating and dining options. With the mix of cultures, one thing is certain, one cannot go very far in Miami without stumbling upon a place of dining, and most often it will be of some fresh, delicious, authentic variety. Needless to say, the restaurant industry is a substantial industry in Miami.

A Constantly Moving Establishment

One thing that the restaurant industry depends on is having the ability to keep things constantly moving. Especially in Miami, where there is a constant influx of people, from tourists visiting or attending events, to locals who love to partake of the local scene, there is almost always a crowd. So many things in the restaurant business depend on the speed and efficiency with which the establishment is run and these are two things that can be hindered by numbers of customers. Especially in the restaurant industry, the speed and efficiency with which the customers are handled, no matter the number, makes a lasting impression. With the need to keep things moving it is imperative that the equipment used is as mobile as the employees and staff of the establishment. From load-in areas where shipments are accepted, to the kitchen which is a hive of movement, to the floor where customer satisfaction and presentation are top priority, many different items are used that could be mobile.

The Main Categories

Restaurants use heavy-duty kitchen equipment, carts for diskitchenhes, and serving, and many other items on a daily basis. Many of these items can be made mobile. One of the easiest ways to make an immobile item mobile is through the addition of casters. As with most items today, with improved technology, there are a variety of options. Even for casters, which can be considered a small item that is often overlooked, there are many different types, styles and designs that are specifically suited to many different types of uses. The basic options start with a light, medium or heavy distinguishing factor. Although the casters themselves do come in varying weights, the light, medium and heavy determination refers first, to the weight load capacity of each caster. This is a very important detail, because the differing weight load-capacities need to be matched to the job so as to not damage the casters, the equipment or the floors over which the casters are being moved.

Other Important Decisions to Consider

After determining which category is suitable for your needs then there are many more different options that need to be selected, such as the material of the wheel, the method of attachment and the metal of the wheel housing. Some of the available attachment methods include: top plate, threaded stem, stainless steel, expanding adapter stem, square stem, grip ring stem, pipe thread stem, modular stem, top plate swivel, and the kingpinless top plate. Some of the available wheel material options include: performa, performa conductive, polyolefin, polyurethane Hi-Tech, phenolic, cast iron, maxim, and thermo. These are some of the choices that can be combined to design a nearly custom caster from the standard options.

From Basic to Specific

In addition to the choices available in the basic options, there are also a number of even more specific options that are available, including pneumatic and specialty casters. Some of the specialty casters offered include: spring loaded door casters, gravity lock ladder casters, concealed side mount casters, die-cast aluminum leveling casters, rug runner casters, high-capacity, low overall height extrathane casters and glass cutting table casters. The specialty casters are designed to the detailed conditions of very specific jobs. Many of the basic casters that are available work in many different circumstances; however, the specialty casters offer an even more specified approach to the movement.

How to Choose?

With the variety of options that are available it can be daunting to try to figure out the best caster for the job that you need to accomplish. That being said, there are a number of questions that can be answered that will help to determine if just the right combination of standard options will be the right choice or if a more specific option is warranted. Some of the questions to ask include: What exactly needs to be made mobile? How far does it have to go? Will it be moved over slick floors such as coated concrete or slick floors with grooves, such as tile? Or will the terrain be more rough and require more shock absorption? Is the item to be moved extremely heavy? Is the weight evenly distributed or is it unbalanced? Is it awkwardly shaped or hard to maneuver? Is the item or the material the item will be moving fragile and will it require special handling? How many times daily will the item be moved? Is it something that will receive daily use or more sporadic use?

Your South Florida Trusted Source for Your Caster Needs

These are some of the questions that can be asked to help determine the best possible match of caster to the job that needs to be accomplished. We at Douglas Equipment, having been in the business for more than fifty years, located in the heart of South Florida, know and understand that asking the right questions is needed to determine the best option. We strive to help you become more knowledgeable about the products that you need to purchase so that you feel confident in your choices. We also strive to offer our customers the best products and the best prices so that you can do your best business. Please contact us Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, or locally at 305-888-3700. You can also reach us electronically through the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to choose the best caster for your business needs.