Harper Material Handling Equipment Distributor in USA

Harper Material Handling Equipment Distributor in USAFrom their start in 1940 as a small metal fabricator, Harper has had a mission to sell the highest quality products on the market. When they started making material handling equipment in 1953 this mission was equally as important. Through this commitment to quality, Harper has grown into the largest hand truck manufacturer in the world, making one of every three hand trucks sold in the United States. The corporate headquarters for Harper are located in Wichita, Kansas.

Harper steel industrial hand trucks feature all-welded tubular steel frames. Some of the other features available in all Harper steel welded trucks include heavy-gauge steel tube frames, concave cross tubes and straps for strong load containment which are tied together by center straps for extra support. These industrial hand trucks also feature a robotically welded main frame (front and back) for maximum strength, channeled stair glides for easing the load up or down stairs and over curbs, top quality roller or ball bearing wheels, and a heavy gauge steel base plate with machined beveled leading edge and rounded corners.

Steel frames are chemically cleaned and rust-resistant finished with powder coat paint. Trucks are also available with aluminum frames. The wheels are held by the Harper Tri-hole Axle bracket with zinc-plated D-Lok Axle, which resists rust and is flattened on one side to hold securely in the bracket to prevent rotation and wear. Wheels have options of ball bearings, roller bearings and are available in 6”, 8” or 10” to suit the application requirements. They also come in various materials including hubs with pneumatic tires, mold-on rubber tires or solid rubber.

While we have access to Harper’s entire line of products, these are a few examples of some of the more popular options:

  • 900# A27L56 Hand Truck: Welded frame aluminum truck with loop handle is both lightweight and suitable for heavy freight and baggage work. 8” x 14” noseplate features three reinforcing straps underside to prevent bending.  ¾” D-Lok axle gives added strength there.  8” aluminum core cushion balloon wheels are soft-rolling and heavy enough to get the job done with the heavy 900# frame.  Dimensions are 51” height and 21” in width.
  • 600# 52T16 Hand Truck: Also built using 1 ¼” tubular steel frame, this hand truck is equipped with a continuous frame and popular continuous handle. Unit dimensions: Height 50”, Width 22”, Base Plate 7” X 14” with 10” pneumatic wheels, excellent for rolling ove grass, gravel and sand Other wheel types are available.)
  • 800# 56T60 Hand Truck: A truck that has a continuous frame loop handle of 1 1/4” tubular steel with a ¼” beveled steel base plate.\. Four curved frame straps allow for handling of curved objects. 5/8 D-Lok axle prevents the axle from spinning in its bracket, 10” polyflex wheels provide maneuverability over curbs and obstructions while gaining that 800 pound capacity.   Unit dimensions: Height 50”, Width 20”, Base Plate 8” X 14” Other wheel types are available.

Harper’s drum handling equipment is another quality product line that Douglas Equipment is happy to offer our customers. Each product features a rugged steel frame that greatly extends its service life.

  • 700# Capacity – 8675-42 Wheeled Drum Cradle: This 1” diameter 14 gauge tube steel frame drum cradle allows for tilting a barrel or drum on the curved frame rockers and then wheeling the unit while tipped into position for draining. Non-skid cross tube prevents sliding when drum is tipped. The frame has both 2-1/2” aluminum wheels for easy rolling when tipped and 2-1/2” chemically resistant polyolefin casters to allow for finermaneuveringwhen the unit lies flat for dispensing. For use with both 30 and 55 gallon drums, the bung drain sits 21” from the floor when the frame has tilted the barrel onto its side. Single retractable handle for tipping.  Provided knocked down in 36” x 23-1/2” x 3-1/2” carton; assembly takes about ten minutes with common handtools.
  • 7889 Drum Handling Truck: This popular self-standing truck has a spring loaded swing axle to keep truck upright when not in use, and an adjustable sliding chime hook for use on steel or fiber drumsno more than 43” in height.  Chime hook is replaceable, as are the steel lifting toes.  . The frame capacity is 1200 lbs.  ., Unit dimensions are Height 62”, Width 23 with 10” mold-on rubber wheels.

Douglas Equipment is Your Place to Find High Quality Harper Equipment

Douglas Equipment has a very strong relationship with Harper, and we sell a wide range of their hand trucks and drum handling equipment to meet the needs of our customers. When you call our committed team of service professionals with questions on hand trucks or drum handling equipment for your unique needs we will certainly consider how Harper equipment may suit your needs.

Douglas Equipment is located in South Florida, which means we can easily service the entire United States, and we can also quickly ship products to South America and the Caribbean as well. We have been in the material handling equipment business for almost 60 years and have a dedicated service team to help you with any questions you may have when it comes to your needs. Contact us today and discover whether Harper’s products are right for you!