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Docking Equipment for Industrial Use

docking equipment for industrial useDocking equipment for industrial use must be rugged, easy to maneuver and easy to clean. Types of docking equipment includes forklifts, hand trucks, platform carts, straddle stackers and a variety of ramps and bumpers. Industrial docking implements must endure a considerable amount of use. In many cases, equipment used on industrial docks must be constructed of materials that can withstand a considerable amount of weight at a given time. For some industrial applications, docking equipment needs to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Equipment used on loading docks must be reliable and easy to move for workers.

Types of Equipment Used on the Dock

Hand trucks and forklifts are used to load and unload cargo from trucks. Straddle stackers are used to stack and unstack pallets of cargo once unloaded from the truck. Platform carts and other types of carts make moving cargo around on the dock. Other equipment, such as chain hoists, may be necessary for moving large loads. For the food service industry, dock equipment may need to be easily sterilized and cleaned. In other applications, dock equipment needs to be lightweight and easily moved. In short, the equipment necessary on the dock largely depends on the type of cargo that is loaded and unloaded onto trucks.

Whether an application requires motorized forklifts to move cargo, or simple tubs or bin movers, or other docking equipment, all docks require specialized equipment to handle the type of cargo that is shipped and received. Rolling ladders may be necessary for workers to access stacked inventory. Docks require a variety of equipment to operate smoothly and to keep workers safe. Pallet trucks with jacks may be the preferred way to move stacks of pallets, or the organization may prefer to outfit the dock with an electric stacker.

Douglas Equipment: Your Source for Industrial Docking Equipment

We at Douglas Equipment have been in the business of providing quality docking equipment and other material moving equipment for over sixty years. We are Florida’s largest supplier of material handling equipment and industrial caster wheels. No matter what type of material you move in your industrial application, we have the equipment that will facilitate the job. When you have an industrial application that requires specialized equipment on the dock, contact us at Douglas Equipment to determine the right equipment for the job. We will discuss with you the types of materials you move in your industrial application, the weights involved, the surfaces your team works on and other conditions that may apply to your application.

We are also a distributor of quality caster wheels when you need to replace the wheels on your existing docking equipment. We know how important mobility and maneuverability are to your business. We understand that your crew must be able to easily move cargo and equipment around easily on the dock. In addition to stocking quality brands of docking equipment, we will also provide you with the most competitive prices on the market. Contact us today for more information about our material handling equipment that may be used for your docking application.