Difference Between Wooden Dollies and Steel Dollies

When the time has come to purchase dollies, whether for moving heavy equipment or lighter items, most buyers are able to choose between wooden models and steel alternatives. Though both offer excellent support during big moves, there are a few key differences between these materials that can dictate exactly what each dolly should be used for, and which tasks might not be a good match. Generally speaking, steel dollies are far more durable than their wooden counterparts, so buyers should make a few considerations before finalizing a purchase of either wooden or steel options.

Wooden Dollies: Lighter Moves and Lesser Loads

The thing to remembDifference Between Wooden Dollies and Steel Dollieser about wooden dollies is that they simply won’t hold up to the seriously heavy load put on them by heavier equipment or machinery. For this reason, most wooden dollies are sold in a “platform” style, with a flat base that can be used to wheel around lighter items in an industrial or commercial facility. For lighter drums and smaller pieces of equipment, a wooden dolly will suffice.

Best of all, perhaps, is that most wooden dollies are far more affordable than steel varieties. That’s because they’re typically easier to manufacture, lighter to transfer, and they’re associated with lighter operations in most facilities. For heavier loads, though, steel is the clear choice for commercial business owners.

Steel: A Common-Sense Choice for Heavy Loads and Extensibility

Difference Between Wooden Dollies and Steel Dollies

Steel dollies are generally sold in a far more diverse number of sizes, shapes, and setups. They can certainly be sold as steel platforms, but thy also come in the form of two-wheel trucks, convertible carts, and more. These dollies are often specifically designed to handle heavy loads, and they come with rated weight capacities that make their purchase easier and more straightforward. Best of all, high-capacity steel dollies can be used in far more applications in most industrial or commercial facilities. This diversity of uses actually increases their utility and value, largely eliminating concerns associated with their slightly higher price.

Steel dollies are the perfect option for businesses that have an unpredictable set of needs. While wooden options generally come with stringent requirements and maximums, steel dollies can be purchased with much more flexible terms and higher weight capacities. For a “one size fits all” approach to dollies, look no further than stainless steel.

Douglas Equipment Carries a Wide Variety of Dollies

At Douglas Equipment, we’ve been selling dollies to industrial and commercial customers for several decades. Our long record of success in this area has helped us to develop the most comprehensive line of steel and wooden options that are perfect for virtually every type of use. Additionally, we’ve been able to develop the kind of product knowledge and experience that typically proves to be quite a major asset to buyers who are unfamiliar with materials, weight limits, and more.

For the best combination of products, value, and service, be sure to get in touch with Douglas Equipment today. We’ll assess your unique needs and provide you with the right option for every type of job that might be performed on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasure to help you.