Bulk Delivery Systems by B&P Manufacturing

B&P Manufacturing_LogoIf your business involves delivering products in bulk you will likely want to consider bulk delivery equipment to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of moving your products. By choosing the right material handling equipment you can improve ergonomics, safety and the effectiveness of your delivery employees and thus save both time and money.

Douglas Equipment has found one of the best manufacturers of bulk delivery equipment in B&P Manufacturing, and our team of experts can offer this material handling equipment along with many others when considering what you need to satisfy your unique needs.

What Makes B&P Manufacturing So Great?

B&P Manufacturing has been in the business of engineering and building the highest quality material handling products since 1945 when the company started as Brooks and Perkins. Since this time, B&P Manufacturing’s processes and products have made the dramatic changes necessary to keep up to date with the advances in the industries they serve. In fact, in 1996 the entire product line was re-engineered to replace older designs with newly updated, lighter weight and more durable ones.

In an effort to improve their processes and products, B&P Manufacturing has focused their efforts to achieve ISO 9001 certification, WBE certification, AWS certification and HUB Zone certification. The company’s goal is to solve the toughest delivery problems and challenges with the highest quality products.

Bulk Delivery Carts

When you are making a bulk delivery you want a cart that is durable under a very large load. This is where the bulk delivery cart becomes invaluable. These units come equipped with tall handles at both ends to better secure bulk loads from tumbling off of the cart. The six wheel design with fixed center wheels that are larger than the outside four swivel casters allow for greater maneuverability in turning and positioning the cart.

Here are the available carts the B&P has available for any bulk delivery solution you may need:

Heavy Duty Bulk Delivery Cart

With a heavy duty deck and double stringers, this cart has the strength and durability required for large, heavy loads. The handles are heavy duty and heat treated, and fit into fully welded handle pockets for the best possible durability.

The cart comes with two central urethane caster that measure 8” in diameter and 2” wide. The outer four swivel casters are 6” X 2” TPR square tread. A center brake system can lock both center wheels for loading and unloading and can be actuated from all four sides.

The heavy duty bulk delivery cart is 18” wide and comes in four different lengths; 54”, 57”, 60” or 61”. There is also available a cart with dimensions of 24” wide by 60” long.

Additional caster configurations include center wheels of 8” TPR round tread with a poly core or mold-on rubber square tread with an aluminum core. Outer casters are available in 8” round tread swivel casters or 8” pneumatic swivel caster as well as the 6” square tread swivel casters.

Universal Bulk Delivery Cart

The universal bulk delivery cart is 18” wide by 60” long, and is designed to fit two carts side by side on a forklift or walkie rider. This unit has strong ergonomic handles and a square pocket design for interchangeability. The standard is 8” X 2” urethane center casters with four 8” by 2” TPR casters on the corners. Replacement parts are available for this cart as well.

Walkie Rider Bulk Delivery Cart

Specifically designed to carry two carts side by side on a fork lift or walkie rider when loading or unloading a delivery truck, this unit includes a steel understructure for better durability in this situation. The design of this unit allows two carts to sit side by side with only 7” between the forks of the forklift or walkie rider. The standard unit has 8” by 2” fixed urethane center wheels with four 6” by 2” square tread swivel casters. The cart has dimensions of 18” by 60” with a capacity of 1200 pounds.

Bulk Cart Curb Ramps

An accessory available for bulk delivery carts is the curb ramp. This ramp is made of ¼” thick smooth plate with non-skid tape and is set in place on curbs to allow the cart to easily ride up the ramp. Ramp dimensions are 27” by 45” with a capacity of 1400 pounds and a weight of 34 pounds.

As you can see these carts are easy to load and unload bulk materials for transport and the carts themselves can be simply loaded or unloaded onto a delivery truck if this method of delivery is what you choose. With the bulk delivery cart there are many methods of different ways of utilizing this unique piece of material handling equipment in your delivery business.

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