Best Dock and Shipping Equipment in Florida

Best Dock and Shipping Equipment in FloridaA Hub of Activity

Loading docks are traditionally found on commercial and industrial buildings and warehouses. Depending on the building’s construction and design, loading docks can be on the exterior of the building or fully enclosed. Due to the fact that they are part of a building’s service infrastructure, they are full of activity, providing direct access to the all-important areas of the building, known as staging areas.

Taking Precaution

Many of the items consumed in daily life are at one time found passing through a loading dock. Loading docks are known for being extremely busy places; with the amount of movement that goes on, every precaution needs to be taken to make sure safe conditions are maintained at all times. One way to do this is to ensure the appropriate equipment is being used and maintained.

Consideration to Take

The structural designs of most loading docks require that the equipment utilized to load and unload shipments from incoming or outgoing trucks have good mobility. For example, there is usually a gap between the actual dock and the trucks that are backed up to it. Very often the gap is both horizontal and vertical. This gap is caused by the distance of the truck from the loading dock floor due to the fact that trucks come in many different sizes. This is also due to the bumpers that are usually placed on the dock as protection from impact. These discrepancies have to be taken into consideration when choosing the equipment that is needed for a loading dock. There are many different types of equipment and accessories that are regularly used on loading and shipping docks. Some of them may include:

  • Bumpers
  • Cargo bars
  • Chain hoists
  • Dock leveler
  • Dock lift
  • Dock lights
  • Pallet pullers
  • Stabilizing jacks
  • Strapping trucks
  • Strip doors
  • Truck or vehicle restraint systems

A Standard Sight

One particularly useful item is the stabilizing jack. A good example of the stabilizing jack is one of the many WESCO models. They have many standard features that make them versatile pieces of equipment, useful in a variety of work conditions.
They feature:

  • Constructed from high strength steel.
  • Adjustable height for the leveling of trailers parked on uneven ground.
  • Broad base prevents trailer dollies from sinking into soft surfaces.
  • Prevents up-ending of semi-trailers when disconnected from a truck during loading/unloading.
  • TSJE Economy, manually turned ACME threaded screw raises and lowers jack.
  • 14„ dia. base, 5„ x 5„ top plate.
  • Lifting Capacity of 5000 lbs

Another extremely useful item is the pallet puller. It features:

  • One-piece curved heads have integral spurs to bite into stringers up to 4.5„ thick.
  • Self-cleaning heads are un-affected by wood particles, paint or grease.
  • Non-load rated. Recommended working load limit is 1,250 lbs. for .25” proof coil chain.

Another useful item is the cargo bar, which features:

  • Helps to secure loads to prevent shifting.
  • One or two piece construction.
  • Constructed out of lightweight aluminum or heavy duty steel.

One Part of the System

If you are in a business where a loading dock is a regular part of your day, there are many types of material handling equipment utilized on the job; the loading dock is just one part of a very busy system. Whether it is unloading warehouse shelves to load trucks or vice versa, there is a constant movement of things.

Much is Required

This type of work requires many different kinds of moving equipment; with today’s advances in technology, there are many options available. Douglas Equipment offers a wide variety of some of the top names in the equipment handling business. We offer carts, dollies, hand trucks, platform trucks, drum handling equipment, lift equipment, and many of the varieties of dock and shipping equipment listed above.

Options Among the Options

Each category of material handling equipment is available in a wide range of specific options suited to match every job and workplace need. For example, some of the hand truck varieties available include:

  • aluminum standard heavy-duty hand trucks
  • standard-duty hand trucks
  • industrial-duty steel hand trucks
  • aluminum Cobra-lite hand trucks
  • mini-cobra hand trucks
  • tilting hand trucks
  • convertible steel hand trucks
  • touch and tilt drum hand trucks
  • heavy-duty and specialty hand trucks
  • vending and appliance hand trucks
  • high-frame hand trucks

And more!

Some of the available options for dollies include: wood dollies, folding handle platform trucks in steel, stainless and aluminum, plastic platform, lightweight folding trucks, and heavy-duty machine dollies, among others. It is useful to note that there are options available for every price range. In addition to the wide variety of base models available, there are replacement parts and additional specific equipment accessories. These can aid in either fine-tuning the equipment to better suit the needs of the job, or to ensure the continued maintenance of the equipment.

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