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Best Companies That Supply Industrial Material Handling Equipment

Best Companies That Supply Industrial Material Handling EquipmentSelecting the right equipment for handling and transporting industrial materials can be a relatively vexing process, with a larger number of considerations. Buyers need to be aware of how heavy their materials are, or how heavy the equipment is. They also have to ensure that the product they select for transportation has the proper equipment that won’t buckle under the pressure of a long or heavy move. More importantly, they must be sure that every product purchased will keep the materials or equipment safe while it’s being moved. Those might sound like pretty simply requirements but, when looking at some of the companies providing this equipment, it actually becomes quite a tall order.

Moving Machinery: The Best Companies Get the Job Done with a “Machinery Mover or Skate”

It’s perhaps no coincidence that one of the most heavy-duty dollies in the industry is referred to as a “little tank.” In addition to resembling battle-hardened tanks used during combat, these dollies are able to move large equipment and bear high loads that virtually every other dolly is too weak to handle. That’s because these miniature tanks come with hardened steel rollers, instead of wheels; those rollers form an “endless chain” that actually keeps the dolly moving continuously and smoothly, resulting in impact-free transport and ensuring the integrity of the machinery.

Machinery movers are available to handle loads as small as 2,000 pounds and there are skate systems that are rated up to 40 tons or 80,000 lbs. Those capacities, combined and swivelock tops, make them perfect for industrial moves and handling.

Keeping Legged Equipment Safe with Special Equipment

The best companies that supply industrial material handling equipment will pair their heavy-duty machinery rollers with a secondary line of products that excels in moving machinery with legs. Douglas Equipment has two specific dollies that are perfect for this need. The first is the company’s tripod-style “cup dolly.” It comes with a two-inch well to safeguard equipment legs, and can support up to 450 each. That’s pretty impressive, especially when combined with the dolly’s three available wheel types. Buyers can choose between 2″ wheels sporting hard rubber, cushion rubber, or steel.

Industrial customers will also appreciate the company’s RX03C dolly with a center depression that was specifically designed for legged equipment. The dolly can support up to 400 pounds per load and it’s coated in a protective vinyl covering to ensure equipment integrity during the move. This 8″ x 19″ dolly weighs just ten pounds, and it supports hard rubber swivel casters measuring 2.5 inches.

Trucks: When a Dolly Just Won’t Do

Although industrial professionals believe that Douglas Equipment specializes only in dollies, it’s worth noting that the company has a large line of trucks available for use in commercial environments. The company’s hand trucks are perfect for lighter loads; these trucks ooze in aluminum and steel varieties, and are available in single-purpose or multi-purpose models. Platform trucks are also provided for larger loads, and those companies that frequently handle drums will find a long line of drum trucks in self-standing, kickstand, cradle, stainless steel and other varieties.

Douglas Equipment is an Excellent Choice for Industrial Material Handling

There’s something to be said for a large diversity of products, especially when handling large and unwieldy industrial materials or equipment. Douglas Equipment knows that there’s no “typical” industrial environment, and their large selection of products can meet each unique need in a capable and straightforward way. Visit our inventory to browse their selection of products today.