Wholesale Cellular Foam Wheels

Wholesale Cellular Foam WheelsA Vital Component

For those in the shipping, warehousing, and construction industries, hand trucks are a regularly used piece of moving equipment. Hand trucks are very versatile pieces of moving equipment and an extremely vital part of how they function is the wheels. Therefore, the wheels that are often found on hand trucks are cellular foam wheels, as they are designed for many different terrains and work conditions.  Cellular foam wheels are casters that are usually a little larger than other caster wheels, and are made of a durable material over a central moveable hub.

Replacements on Hand

In general, if you are in an industry where the use of hand trucks is a regular occurrence, then it may be useful to consider having replacement wheels on hand. In this case, the speed of business will not be slowed down. A benefit of buying replacement parts at wholesale is that you can better afford to have them on hand when needed instead of waiting to acquire them when one needs to be replaced. The long-term benefit can be very cost effective for your business. This is true in regards to most any part that receives regular use, to the point of needing to be replaced on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Considering Replacement Options

If you are looking to replace the wheels on your hand truck and it previously had another type of wheel other than cellular foam wheels, you may want to consider cellular foam wheels as replacements. They offer a more cushioned ride for the load, and the ability to traverse a variety of terrains with no chance of getting a flat. They offer a good solution to many issues and end up being more cost effective in the long run. In addition to caster wheels, there are other parts that you can replace such as, nose plates, folding nose extensions, spreader bars and base plates.

Determining Whether to Replace Parts or Buy New

You may also decide in the assessment of the hand truck that it is time for a new piece of equipment instead of just buying replacement parts. In that case, it is beneficial to know that there are many options available.  For example, some of the different varieties of hand trucks available include: standard-duty hand trucks, aluminum Cobra-lite hand trucks, aluminum standard and heavy-duty hand trucks, industrial-duty steel hand trucks, convertible steel hand trucks, heavy-duty and specialty hand trucks, touch and tilt drum hand trucks, tilting hand trucks, vending and appliance hand trucks, mini-cobra hand trucks, high-frame hand trucks and more

Having A Trusted Source

In addition to various hand trucks, there are also many different types of moving equipment and accessories that can aid in moving whatever it is that you and your business needs to move. From carts to dollies, to hand trucks and pallet jack movers there are all types of equipment available from the most basic to those with very specific designs. What is important to know is that in today’s jam-packed market it is important to have a source that you can trust when it comes to choosing and purchasing the very items that you use in your day-to-day business.

Options in Every Category

Additionally, it is important to know that just as there are a variety of different types of equipment available, each has different parts that can be replaced, cutting the overall cost of equipment maintenance. One important part of equipment that is utilized to move things, is in fact, the casters. As mentioned above, the caster wheels on the hand truck can be easily replaced. And just as there are many options when it comes to equipment there are even more options and variations when it comes to casters.

Understanding the Options

Wholesale Cellular Foam Wheels 2Because of the seemingly limitless possibilities of available options, it is good to have a basic understanding of the options. And it is also very important to have a full and clear understanding to the type of job that you need to accomplish. To that end there are numerous questions that can be asked to help determine the best type of equipment and accessories would be best matched to the job.

Simple Questions

Very simply, the first question is, what needs to moved? There are other questions to be asked about the items that need to be moved, such as are they fragile or oddly shaped? Are they unusually heavy or need to be handled in a special way? Then there are questions that pertain to the environment. Will the work environment be inside or outside, or possibly a mixture of both? What is the terrain over which the item needs to be moved? Is it smooth ground or rough? Is there a possibility of exposure to hazardous materials or liquids? Is there a probability of high level of moisture or drastic changes in temperature?

Alleviating Decision Making Difficulties

As can easily be seen, there are numerous types of equipment and accessory options that are available in today’s industry.  Because of the number of options, making the right choice of best matching the job to the right tools, equipment and accessories can be a difficult one.  At Douglas Equipment, with almost sixty years of experience in the material handling equipment business, we understand the decision-making difficulties you may encounter. We also know that being in business takes a lot of time, and therefore, we want to help you get to the business of doing your business and strive to help our customers make fast and informed decisions that they can be satisfied with. We offer the highest level of customer service, a large in-stock selection and the best available prices in the market. This combination has allowed us to operate and gain a solid reputation as a leader in the South Florida industry.

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