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What you Need to start a Moving Company

What you Need to start a Moving Company

Moving is a pretty hard job, and most people would love to outsource that job to others. With demand that seems only to be increasing, the number of moving companies being started around the country is appropriately on the rise as well. Before starting such a company, though, aspiring movers will need to purchase a few key kinds of equipment to make each move easier and more enjoyable. After all, even those volunteering to do the job on behalf of others deserve to take it easy on themselves.

Heavy Duty Hand Trucks are a Must

Moving isn’t just about the boxes full of personal items that need to be carried onto a moving truck. Most people getting ready for a big move will also need to move their large appliances, including refrigerators and stoves. Bookcases, beds, and other large furniture items will also need to be transported from a home or apartment into the moving truck for transport. Getting this done without a hand truck can be a pretty big pain, quite literally.

Luckily, hand trucks of varying types can make the moving process easier. Basic trucks can move several boxes at a time, as well as smaller furniture items and appliances. For truly large loads, appliance hand trucks are specifically designed to handle things like stoves or ovens, refrigerators, and even dishwashers.

Dollies and Pads for Larger Items

A very large bed, or a particularly heavy living room sofa, will not take kindly to being tipped on edge with a hand truck. Instead, these larger items will require moving professionals to use dollies, furniture pads, and foam movers, to get them outside of the home and into a vehicle where they can be transported to their new location.

Before purchasing any dollies, moving company owners should consider whether or not they’ll need wooden or metal varieties. Heavy-duty metal versions, made of steel and aluminum, are available for use in demanding environments. For most home moves, however, wooden platform dollies may suffice. Be sure to consult a professional mover, or a professional handling equipment company representative, before choosing either model.

Straps and Ties to Keep Things Together

Damage to the items within a home will not leave homeowners with a very good impression, no matter how thankful they are that they didn’t have to move all of their furniture on their own. Before going into business as a brand new moving company, be sure to secure the ties and ropes necessary to keep furniture and smaller, more valuable items, in place from start to finish during a move of any size or scale.

At Douglas Equipment, a Large Selection for Moving Companies

Douglas Equipment has been serving moving businesses for several decades, with a large selection of equipment that can make both home and business moves a breeze. From hand trucks and dollies to pads and tie-downs, we have everything our customers need to build a thriving moving business from day one. Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs.