Wesco’s Easy To Use Folding Hand Trucks

Wesco's Easy To Use Folding Hand TrucksHand trucks are used universally across many industries. Major industrial companies, supermarkets, appliance stores and many other companies employ hand trucks for their daily operations. This makes these one of the most popular and affordable pieces of material handling equipment on the market. The diversity of this type of equipment has expanded to provide different types of hand trucks suited to every business need across a wide variety of industries.

These two wheeled, versatile tools make moving materials around easy and efficient without the cost of purchase or upkeep of another more expensive option. Along with the folding storage option the benefits are multiplied to provide not only efficiency, but also convenience in storage and access to the hand truck.

Here are a few of the models of the folding hand truck variety that we can suggest for your consideration to meet your unique needs:

Wesco SuperLite Folding Truck Model 220617

This model has an all aluminum frame that offers strength while remaining lightweight for easy transport. The cart has a space saving folding design so that it can fit into small storage spaces or even car trunks when not in use. Elastic straps are included to secure loads and the unit includes 7” rubber tread wheels with a 1.5” thickness to provide shock absorption without marking the floor. Load capacity of this hand truck is 175 pounds. Dimensions in use are width 15.5”, height 41”, depth 17.5” and a weight of 11.4 pounds. The unit folds to 19” by 29.5” by 2” with height adjustment of 29.5” to 42”.

Wesco also offers a number of other folding trucks from Wesco to suit your needs. These models also include the elastic straps and aluminum and steel construction of the SuperLite with the same space saving design and non-marking, shock absorbing, rubber tread tires.

Mini Mover Folding Truck 220646

This unit can fit into airline overhead compartments for use in carrying luggage to a plane. Load capacity of 110 pounds with 5” rubber wheels that are 1.25” thick and a weight of 9 pounds. Dimensions in use are width 15.5”, height 41”, depth 17.5” and folded dimensions of 15.25” by 24” by 2”.

Maxi Mover Folding Truck 220649

This unit is a steel construction rather than aluminum as seen in the other designs. Load capacity is 250 pounds with 7” rubber wheels that are 1.5” thick and a weight of 14 pounds. Dimensions in use are width 19”, height 42”, depth 19” and folded dimensions of 19” by 29.5” by 2”.

Mega Mover Folding Truck 220650

Due to the wider stance of the Mega Mover, this model does not need to incorporate elastic straps to secure the load. Load capacity of this model is 550 pounds. It has 8” rubber wheels that are 2.5” thick and a weight of 33 pounds. Dimensions in use are width 26.5”, height 47”, width 25.5” and folded dimensions of 23.5” by 34” by 4.75”.

Different Folding Applications on Wesco Hand Trucks

Along with the incredibly useful folding hand trucks mentioned above, Wesco has other hand trucks which incorporate folding capabilities to transform the hand truck into something even more versatile.

Greenline DU-ALL Economy Convertible 2-in-1

This hand truck easily converts from a 2 wheel hand truck into a 4 wheel cart with a handle. The frame is all tubular steel construction with a bed size in the 4 wheel configuration of 13.75” by 46”. Overall dimensions are width 22.5”, height 53”, depth 19” and weight of 52 pounds with two steel offset 10” x 2.75” solid rubber wheels and 3.5” casters for the 4 wheel capability. Load capacity is 500 pounds in 2 wheel position and 600 pounds in 4 wheel position.

Greenline Economical 5-in-1

This hand truck can be used in an incredible 5 positions:

  1. Two wheel standard hand truck
  2. Two wheel hand truck with folding nose extension
  3. Four wheel hand truck in tilted 45 degree position
  4. Four wheel platform truck with nose extension lowered
  5. Four wheel platform truck with nose extension raised

With these five positions, this truck can be used in almost any application. The hand truck frame is a 1” 14 gauge welded tubular steel frame for heavy use and durability with a recessed folding nose-plate measuring 11” wide by 29” long. The standard beveled nose-plate is 8.5” deep and 14” wide.

When in the full 4 wheel position the bed size is 13.75” by 49.50”. The unit comes with two 10” pneumatic tires and two 3.5” urethane swivel casters that allow for load capacities of 600 pounds in all positions. Overall dimensions are width 22”, height 51.5”, depth 19.5” and weight 56 pounds.

Still Have Questions About Folding Hand Trucks?

If you’re not sure which of Wesco’s folding hand trucks will best suit your needs, contact us and speak with an expert who can help you find the option that will get the job done and keep you within budget.