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For those who consistently work with moving tools and equipment on a daily basis, it is expected that favorites will develop. There are certain pieces of equipment that are well made, durable and enable the job to be done in just the right way, quickly and efficiently. These tools and equipment are the ones that become broken in just the right way, and over time begin to show the signs of daily usage, regular wear and tear. When it comes to the point when the quality of performance starts to decline there is an important decision that needs to be made. Should a brand new tool or piece of equipment be purchased and replace the much loved piece or is it worth it to find which parts are worn out and buy replacements for them? The answer to the question really depends on the initial quality of the tool or equipment and the cost of the relevant replacement parts versus the price of a new piece of equipment that is similar in quality.

To Repair, or to Replace?

At this critical point it becomes clear whether or not the piece of equipment is a well-made piece of equipment or if it is a generic knock-off. Quality tools and equipment can outlast minor problems. It is understandable that the initial expense of buying a more expensive piece of quality equipment may feel more costly; however, in the long run it will be clear that the decision was a cost-effective one. It may be a decision that could actually save money by allowing you to replace individual parts as they wear out. This can be much less expensive than replacing the entire tool or piece of equipment. And it will lengthen the life of your already tried and true piece of equipment. The even more important question, for those that work day in and out with the same tools and equipment, why, after you are comfortable with how the piece works, and it is broken in, start the break in process from the beginning?

Deceivingly Simple
One piece of equipment that can receive a lot of heavy-duty use is a hand truck. Those who work in moving, shipping, manufacturing and many other industries understand the usefulness and constant need for hand trucks. In fact they are a staple of the regular workday flow in many industries. With the constant use they are subject to fast wear and tear. Ironically, upon first glance it may appear that the hand truck would not be a piece of equipment that has many replacement parts. However, depending on the exact style and model of hand truck, there may be more parts that can be readily replaced than initially thought.

What Are the Options?
One brand that consistently makes quality hand trucks and is a trusted name in the business is Wesco. Understanding that the Wesco hand trucks are quality-made, and will last though many uses, it is important to know that there are also a variety of replacement parts available for the Wesco hand trucks. In fact there are very few parts that cannot be replaced on the Wesco hand trucks. And a few of the replacement part options available include:

•    Nose plate
•    Folding Nose Extension
•    Casters
•    Spreader Bar
•    Base Plate

These parts are the parts on the hand truck that will most often see the most use and therefore begin to break down the quickest. And there are different options within each category to best suit your specific needs and the needs of the job at hand.

Changing It Up
Sometimes, after consistent use, you may decide that the main piece of equipment is great, but certain parts may be better suited if they were replaced with similar butWesco Hand Truck Parts for Sale different parts. Many parts from Wesco are made to be able to fit multiple hand trucks allowing for the user to choose the best replacement part to make the hand truck the best possible one for the job. Therefore, you may decide to keep the body of your trusted hand truck and decide to replace only the part or parts that are worn out. By making these changes and replacing worn out parts the whole piece of equipment will feel like new.

Sometimes, New is Better
Sometimes, even though you would like to keep the same tried and tested hand truck, it might be more economical to go ahead and buy a new one that will last for many years to come. It may be that the one you have has already seen many rounds of replacement parts and the time has come to retire it. In that case, with today’s improved technologies there are many available options. Some of the different types available from Wesco include:

•    Industrial Hand Trucks
•    Standard Duty Hand Trucks
•    2 in 1 Steel Convertible Trucks
•    Touch-n-Tilt Hand Trucks
•    Heavy Duty Hand Trucks
•    Economy Hand Trucks
•    High Frame Hand Trucks
•    Specialty Hand Trucks
•    Aluminum Cobra-Lite Hand Trucks, available in multiple options
•    Appliance & Vending Trucks
•    Stair Climbing Appliance Trucks

We at Douglas Equipment understand what it is like to find a tool or piece of equipment that is just right for the job. With almost sixty years in the moving equipment business, we understand the importance of finding and maintaining the right tools and equipment. That is why we strive to help our customers find the best pieces for the job and sometimes, the best piece is not a whole new piece of equipment but is instead a replacement part. We understand how expensive it can be to run a business, with all of the costs that come with simply maintaining working equipment. We pride ourselves in having a reputation for excellent customer service, full in-stock inventory and competitive industry prices. The next time you are in need of a new piece of moving equipment, or a replacement part, give us a call. Help us help you find the best, most cost effective option to keep you moving. Please contact us Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, locally at 305-888-3700, or by faxing us at 305-883-9563. We can also be reached electronically through the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to serving you.