Top 3 Dollies and Hand Trucks for Drum Handling

Top 3 Dollies and Hand Trucks for Drum HandlingIf you’re in the drum handling business there’s one fact you’re one hundred percent sure of – drums are heavy items that have the capacity, when handled incorrectly, to cause damage and even in some cases, injury. That’s why it’s important to have the proper equipment for drum handling, and that includes dollies and hand trucks made by the best and most dedicated manufacturers.

Here we’ll take a quick look at 3 of the top dollies and hand trucks for drum handling.

1. Morse 4-wheel drum truck

This is easily the best-selling drum truck that’s produced by Morse. It features an innovative design that has safety explicitly in mind as well as versatility and ease of use. The ergonomics of this design means it is exceptionally easy to load and unload drums, even when they are filled to capacity, and you will be able to easily transport your drum wherever you need it to go, even down the narrowest of aisles.

This drum truck has a 1,000-lb. maximum capacity, four large 8” polyolefin load-bearing wheels and an extendable support prop.

2. Wesco Cobra convertible hand truck

It’s all well and good having a dedicated hand truck, but sometimes it’s preferable to have something extremely versatile in your arsenal of material handling equipment. The Wesco Cobra convertible hand truck is just that – its sturdy design makes it ideal for handling even the heaviest of drums and yet it is versatile enough to be used in other factors of your business.

This truck comes complete with an 18” nose-plate for large loads, non-marking 5” swivel casters, dual-hand grips for improved control and a two-year frame warranty for that extra piece of mind.

3. Harper 52DA60 drum handling truck

This handy device is designed to be used for the dual purpose of transporting both 55-gallon drums and conventional boxed items. The continuous frame handle design means that this truck can easily be used with one hand or both. It is made with a ¼” high-strength steel base plate with a beveled edge. It has a maximum capacity of 600 lbs. and has a uniquely designed chime hook that allows itself to be rotated out of the way when in use to carry boxed items, and then rotated back in order to safely carry either 30 or 55-gallon drums.

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