SuperLite Folding Truck by Wesco: Perfect for Your Everyday Use

SuperLite Folding Truck by Wesco: Perfect for Your Everyday UseEveryone needs to move packages and boxes from time to time, but you may not always need a heavy duty piece of material handling equipment that will take up a lot of space. In fact, you might find it helpful to have a small hand truck available in your car or truck for easy use if it didn’t take up too much room. This is where the Wesco SuperLite Folding Hand Truck is invaluable.

At Douglas Equipment we have been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955 and the Wesco SuperLite Folding Hand Truck is one of the most useful hand trucks we have found for everyday use. Reliable, durable and sturdy, when in use this hand truck offers the benefits of a full size hand truck with the ability to store it easily. Along with the exceptional quality and reliability of Wesco products, this folding hand truck is easy to use and store.

What is so great about the SuperLite?

The SuperLite folding hand truck from Wesco has all the benefits of a full size hand truck when extended. Like all hand trucks these units can hold loads that are boxed with a lightweight nose plate under the loads and a long handle that allows the load to rest against the back and maneuver the load through tight spaces.

When not in use the SuperLite can fold down to an incredibly small size of 19” by 29.5” by 2”, which makes it ideal to store in the back of a small pickup truck or hang easily on the wall of a garage. This space saving folding design includes folding the nose plate up behind the truck, and the wheels in so that the thickness can be greatly reduced from the fully extended 17.5” to the mere 2” thickness of the folded unit. This and the exceptionally light weight of the unit make it an easy choice if you want to take one anywhere you may need a hand truck.

When in use the non-marking, shock absorbing, rubber tread tires will not only protect any delicate loads being carried, but will also protect the floor over which the hand truck is moving. The added security of the elastic straps can be used to hold delicate articles in place and is ideal when using the hand truck to take medium sized objects up a flight of stairs, such as boxes being moved to a second floor apartment.

  • SuperLite Folding Truck Model #EX-2A: This model fold up truck has a lightweight, all aluminum frame that gives it strength. The cart also has a space saving folding design so that it can fit into small storage spaces or car trunks when not in use. Elastic straps are included to secure loads and the unit includes 7” rubber tread wheels with a1.5” thickness to provide shock absorption without marking the floor. The unit folds to 19” by 29.5” by 2” with height adjustment of 29.5” to 42”. Dimensions in use are width 15.5”, height 41”, depth 17.5” and a weight of 11.4 pounds. Load capacity of this hand truck is 175 pounds.

What if I need something bigger than the SuperLite?

While the SuperLite is a very versatile hand truck you might have a need for a larger or smaller folding truck, and Wesco has what you need in either case. Other models in this family of folding trucks range from 110 pound capacity to 550 pound capacity for any use you may have for a folding hand truck. All models include the collapsible handle for easy use but smaller storage size. The handle has a comfortable plastic grip to make using the folding hand truck simple and easy. Think about what you want the folding hand truck to be able to do, and we can find you a model that will suit your needs.

  • Mini Mover Folding Truck: Load capacity of 110 pounds with 5” rubber wheels that are 1.25” thick and a weight of 9 pounds. Dimensions in use are width 15.5”, height 41”, depth 17.5”and folded dimensions of 15.25” by 24” by 2”. This unit can fit into airline overhead compartments for use in carrying luggage to the plane.
  • Maxi Mover Folding Truck: Load capacity of 250 pounds with 7” rubber wheels that are 1.5” thick and a weight of 14 pounds. Dimensions in use are width 19”, height 42”, depth 19”and folded dimensions of 19” by 29.5” by 2”. This unit is a steel construction rather than aluminum as seen in the other designs.
  • Mega Mover Folding Truck: Load capacity of a phenomenal 550 pounds with 8” rubber wheels that are 2.5” thick and a weight of 33 pounds. Dimensions in use are width 26.5”, height 47”, width 25.5” and folded dimensions of 23.5” by 34” by 4.75”. Due to its wider stature the Mega Mover does not need to incorporate elastic straps to secure the load.

Where to Find Top Notch Service When Choosing a Hand Truck

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