Shovel Nose Hand Truck For Sale

Shovel Nose Hand Truck For SaleDouglas Equipment is now offering shovel nose hand trucks as a tried and true piece of equipment that has stood the test of time. Our hand trucks consistently deliver superbly safe handheld platform for the logistical transfer of goods. They are capable of mobility on any surface. The hand trucks’ designs are simple. Yet they are carefully assembled with the most logical, intelligent manufacturing approaches. Douglas relies on key component elements that ensure thorough support of the load during any type of move.

Key Features of Our Hand Trucks

The critical features of the hand trucks keenly take into account the laws of physics. The designs themes are focused on the essence of leverage based movements of heavy objects. The team at Douglas Equipment is diligent in simulation of multiple scenarios for their products offering. As a result, we competently deliver well-balanced manufactured hand trucks. The brilliance of such seemingly simple hand truck equipment is within the ingenious application of industrial grade material. The high-grade material Douglas Equipment utilizes in its hand truck equipment includes generous usage of heavy gauge industrial steel pipe construction frame, mold-on rubber, pneumatic wheels and other innovative components. In addition to the selection of premium component, the design element is key in production of our hand trucks. At Douglas Equipment, our hand trucks’ frames design angles allow for a greater handling ease and maneuverability of the hand trucks.

Here in Douglas Equipment, We Understand Leverage

Our team works with clients to ensure that the hand trucks we provide meet their unique mobility requirements. The attention to detail paid during our selection process goes beyond choosing high-grade components. We ask our clients for details regarding the terrain where the hand truck will be used. So, for example, if there is an incline involved, we understand what that means for the worker using the hand truck. When a person pushes a load up an incline, he often tends to lower the angle of the load to generate enough force to push the load up the slope. However, lowering the load angle increases the amount of weight he must lift. Unlike the force needed to push an item horizontally, the force required to push one vertically puts additional stress on that person’s shoulders, back, and legs that can lead to job related fatigue and even injuries, which can impact that worker’s productivity. Our solution? A hand truck with an ergonomically designed frame and handle angles that work with either Mold-on rubber, or in some cases pneumatic tires, to create a cushioning effect that protects the worker.

Our Extensive Selection of Hand Trucks

Regardless of the dimension required, Douglas Equipment carries a great selection steel frame shovel nose hand trucks. For example, the average mobility tasks require the standard two wheel hand trucks. Yet, for additional safety and stability carrying larger, heavier or delicate loads such as appliances, electronics, and lab or fragile equipment, the heavy duty shovel nose truck equipped with kick-out wheels are the main staple. Our volume and selection of hand truck models ensure that our clients’ expectations are met rendering our company, a premier one-stop shopping hub to address all object mobility needs.

Douglas Equipment Hand Trucks Craftsman Ship Standards Guaranteed

We at Douglas Equipment have decades of experience to confidently provide an unheard of five years of guarantee against weld failure for our steel frame shovel nose hand truck. Our client base within the many service industries, Hotels, Cruise lines, Restaurants, labs, hospitals and many top manufacturing firms simply demand the best. We respond with providing the most dependable hand trucks equipment within the industry. The safety and security requirements for both the transported objects and personnel are as paramount for us as it is for clients. We recognize that the surfaces on which our hand trucks are designed to travel will vary dramatically. We stand by our hand trucks capability of handling many challenging surface terrains. Furthermore, our teams of experts will always be there for our customers to provide guidance on the hand truck utilization and advise on proper safety inspection processes. The hand trucks at Douglas Equipment meet and exceed OSHA standard requirements.

Our Custom Manufacturing Flexibility – From Vision to RealityShovel Nose Hand Truck For Sale 2

With near sixty years of experience, our name and reputation has been synonymous with unsurpassable quality and service. Since 1955 when we opened our doors to our customers, we have been successful doing what we do best; we simply listen to our customers!

We Care

We at Douglas Equipment consistently focus on providing the highest levels of customer service. When perspective clients visit our website, we provide easy navigation flows to specific hand trucks that are being sought out by our customers.  Next to each and every presented item on our website, there is a shortcut link allowing our visitors to obtain all necessary data on the selected hand truck. Furthermore, customers are provided the option of seeking professional assistance by completing the information stating their needs.

Quick Turn Around

The turn around time from our customer service team is quick. This is in synch with our customers’ needs predominantly in demanding service-oriented fields such as hospitals/healthcare, hotels/cruise-lines/restaurant/Bars, retail stores, etc. Our dedicated customer support team delivers by helping customers with the purchase of our existing dynamic inventory. For those special hand truck requirements stated by our customers, our team leverages years of order to custom order the needed hand truck per required specifications. Our customers searching for a dependable hand truck are able to take the guesswork out of the acquisition process. The shovel nose hand trucks at Douglas Equipment are among the most solid equipment offered. The trucks are thoroughly stress tested consisting of premium steel industrial heavy-duty casters and superb welding practices. In addition to providing competitively priced hand trucks, the purchase of our hand trucks result in greater savings because of the equipment durability factor.

So, if you are in the market to purchase your first or next shovel nose hand truck to address your object mobility requirements, Douglas Equipment will be your best bet. You can rest assured that when you contact us, our team of professionals will provide you with the most informed advice, helping you with your acquisition process. We are here to hear you out and to assist you. Let us gain your trust and earn your business. We pledge to provide the most flexible, attainable solution.

You may call us Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030.  Should you reside in the South Florida/Miami area you may choose to call us with the following local number 305-888-3700.  We are also available by fax at 305-883-9563. We will be looking forward to your call so to help you with the decision making process purchasing the most suitable equipment for your needs. Or you can contact us via our online form.