Professional Appliance Hand Trucks

Professional Appliance Hand TrucksHave you ever tried to move a refrigerator with a regular two-wheel hand truck? Have you ever attempted to move a washing machine with a four-wheel platform truck?

If so, then chances are the job did not go well. You may have realized soon into the process that you had the wrong tool for the job. If you had used a professional appliance hand truck, the work would have gone much smoother, you would have finished earlier – and you might have even been able to move everything yourself, instead of having to recruit others to help.

7 Sure Signs You Have the Wrong Hand Truck for the Job

There is a world of difference between a normal hand truck (sometimes called a dolly or trolley), and a professional appliance hand truck. Regular hand trucks work fine when you’re moving stackable boxes, or small, heavy items. But they fail when it comes to moving large appliances or vending machines. If you’ve used the wrong hand truck in the past, then you have probably experienced these difficulties:

  • Nose Plate is the Wrong Shape – The part you slide under the appliance, known as the nose plate, is too long or is hard to get in place.
  • Appliance Tips Off the Hand Truck – When you lean the handle of the truck back, the appliance tips away from you, instead of coming toward you. You need a helper to push against the appliance, and hold it in place.
  • The Hand Truck is the Wrong Shape – You find that the handle is too short, the frame is too narrow, and heavy which makes large appliances awkward to balance on a standard hand truck.
  • Going Up and Down Stairs is a Nightmare! – You don’t have a secure grip on the appliance, and it requires a huge amount of effort to push it up or lower it down stairs – and many, many helpers.
  • Small Wheels are Hard to Roll – Appliances are heavy, and the wheels on many regular hand trucks are simply not up to the job. You use extra effort to keep the hand truck balanced, and it’s hard to move it across uneven pavement or thick carpet.
  • The Appliance Gets Scratched – After all that work, you get the appliance into position, and see that the unpadded metal frame of the hand truck has carved deep gouges into the paint of your new appliance.
  • The Hand Truck Ends Up Destroyed! – When you’re done for the day, if you find that the hand truck you’ve been struggling with is bent, broken or in pieces, then you know for sure you had the wrong truck for the job!

The solution is simple: use a professional appliance hand truck from Douglas Equipment. Our hand trucks are superbly designed to solve all of the problems listed above.

Key Features of a Good Appliance Truck

Appliance trucks perform a unique function: you use them to lift large, heavy, bulky objects, and then roll them smoothly across the floor, or even up or down stairs. Special features of a well-constructed hand truck make this difficult job much easier.

  • Tall and Wide Frame – The greater height of the frame, compared to a standard hand truck, gives you more leverage when tilting the load to get it off the ground. And a wider frame increases lateral stability, which is important when moving bulky appliances. Rubber padding protects the appliances from getting scratched.
  • Special Nose Plate – A wide nose plate is essential to balance the load; 24 inches from side to side is usually sufficient. The depth from front to back only needs to be 5 inches or so – just enough to slide under the edge of the appliance.
  • Strap that Secures Load to Truck – A wide strap wraps around the load like a belt, holding it tightly against the frame of the appliance truck. You can tighten the strap, either with a built-in ratchet, or a hand lever, depending on the model of truck. When you tilt the frame, the strap pulls the appliance off the ground, and you’re ready to roll!
  • Stair Climber Treads – Located just behind the main wheels, these rubber treads roll up and down stairs. This makes it much easier to lower an appliance down stairs, or pull it up to the next landing.

With a sturdily built, well-designed appliance hand truck, moving refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers can be smooth and easy. Many people use appliance trucks to move vending machines, loaded tool chests, and machine tools. They are also handy for moving furniture, particularly large desks, dressers, or even entertainment centers.

Appliance Hand Trucks from Douglas Equipment

While we’ll describe two products below so you can get a better idea of what you may need, we offer many other models with a wide range of features that may be better suited to your needs. This is why our support staff is always on hand to guide you through the selection process.

Steel Appliance Truck Model WRC by Wesco

This appliance truck is rated for a 750 pound load capacity. It is 59 inches tall with a nose plate that is 5 inches deep and 24 inches wide. It’s constructed of rugged tubular steel and all joints are double welded. You can choose an Auto-Rewind or Manual belt tightening system. It has moldon rubber wheels with aluminum centers and 5/8 inch ball bearings.

Heavy Duty Appliance Truck Model WRV-MAX-78 by Wesco

Because it has a folding rear carriage, you can use this appliance truck in either a 2-wheel or 4-wheel mode. The 10-inch main wheels have aluminum hubs. The 6-inch rear wheels are swivel casters; when you lower them, they support the truck as you tilt it back. You don’t have to support the load! This truck comes in 72 inch or 78 inch heights and is rated for loads up to 1800 pounds.

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Douglas Equipment has been in business for almost 60 years. We specialize in casters and material handling equipment, and we have many models of professional appliance hand trucks available. Let our experts in customer service help you decide which one is best for your needs. We’ve helped clients in a wide variety of industries, and we would appreciate the opportunity to help you find the perfect appliance hand truck. Contact us today!