Mighty-Lite Hand Truck Distributors

Mighty-Lite Hand Truck DistributorsWithout a doubt, Wesco reigns as one of the leading hand truck manufacturers for businesses that are serious about quality construction, excellent handling of heavy loads and larger items, and lighter materials that make the job just a bit easier to complete. The company is also well known for its heavy-duty models that pack on extra weight in order to handle extra large loads. It’s a situation that has led Wesco to dominate the market for quite some time, and it has drawn many customers to the company’s more sensible Mighty-Lite line of products that offers some clear benefits over the competition.

Lighter Materials Make These Hand Trucks Easier to Operate

Wesco’s long history in the industry means that the company has a significant amount of research and development going on behind the scenes at all time. It was that research and development that led the company to develop its Mighty-Lite line, which actually features magnesium construction for a much lighter hand truck that doesn’t compromise size in the process. This has a number of key benefits for those in commercial and industrial occupations, including the fact that it is simply easier to use and promotes greater productivity because of that fact.

Built-In Wheel Guards Ensure Safety for Workers

Another key benefit of the Mighty-Lite line is that these hand trucks simply come with better safety features than many other models offered at similar prices by competing companies. One of the strange aspects of any hand truck purchase is that the entry-level models typically do not have wheel guards in place. Given their use in major commercial and industrial settings, this exposes workers to a serious safety risk.

That risk is minimized, if not eliminated, by the built-in wheel guards that come with every Mighty-Lite hand truck sold to business owners. This reduction in risk and potential injury is a major benefit that Wesco has taken the time to study and implement across the board.

Weight Limits for Every Type of Job

Despite their light construction and easy-to-use nature, Mighty-Lite hand trucks are still able to handle some seriously heavy objects in today’s warehouses and industrial facilities. That will come as a breath of fresh air to workers who are all too used to heavier things being handled by heavier equipment. Refreshingly, Wesco breaks this trend in a way that serves the needs of workers while promoting better ergonomics, increased safety, and long-term durability.

Wesco’s Mighty-Lite Hand Trucks Can Be Found at Douglas Equipment

Douglas Equipment‘s long period of time in the local material handling industry has allowed us to carry the widest range of Wesco hand trucks and other equipment essential to business owners. We offer a large number of Mighty-Lite hand trucks to our consumers at prices that beat the competition. When paired with our expert sales knowledge, professional experience, and commitment to long-term customer support, there is no better option for commercial business owners.

Be sure to get in touch with us today and discuss your needs with one of our professionals. We’ll recommend the products that are right for virtually every kind of material handling task.