Material Handling Equipment Solutions for Small Business Owners

Material Handling Equipment Solutions for Small Business OwnersDepending on your small business you may need to move a variety of materials around. Be it loading and unloading your delivery truck or moving materials around your office, the right material handling equipment can turn a back breaking job into one that is easy, fast and efficient. However, using the wrong moving equipment can make the job harder to do. When you are choosing material handling equipment for your unique small business, turn to the professionals at Douglas Equipment for the advice you need to get the right equipment the first time.

Office Carts and Caddies: When you need to move small loads around the office

If you need to deliver mail around your office or other small supplies, having the right cart for the job can make it easy. Wire office carts are ideal for carrying hanging files, both legal and letter mail, packages and tools. Other unique office equipment can make it easy to transport where needed and even allow for the setup of a temporary workstation utilized within the cart.

The following carts and caddies make for great work use around the office.

  • Deluxe Compact Office Cart: For the mid-sized office, this cart has a top basket sized of 25” x 17.25” x 11” and a lower basket size of 25” x 17.25” x 7.5”. The capacity is 200 lbs. with fixed back wheels that are 10” semi-pneumatic. The front swivel casters are 5” hard rubber. If you need to use this cart in both an office and factory floor setting, the larger wheels make for easier rolling on less smooth surfaces. Overall cart weight is 49 lbs. with overall dimensions of 23.75” x 38.25” x 33.5”.
  • Office Caddy: The Wesco office caddy is a multi-purpose service truck. This cart converts easily into three different useful applications: 2-wheel truck, 4-wheel truck and 4-wheel truck table. In all, there are seven possible positions in which to use this truck. An oak color top with a vinyl edge makes this an attractive and durable utility cart. The table size is 19” by 23.5”, with capacities of 200 lbs. for the 2-wheel truck, 400 lbs. for the 4-wheel truck, and 100 lbs. for the 4-wheel table. The caddy comes equipped with 8” x 1.75” wheels that are an easy roll semi-pneumatic, and for the 4-wheel applications, there are two additional 2.5” hard rubber swivel casters. Handle height is 55”, deck height is 32” and the collapsed size is 11.5” for storage. Overall dimensions are 19” x 55” x 18” with a weight of 42 lbs.

Hand Carts: Ideal for Delivery Truck Loading and Unloading

For moving materials on and off of a delivery truck, especially one that uses a ramp, there is nothing that works like a hand truck to get the job done right. Hand trucks come in many different sizes and capacities, ranging from several hundred lbs. to almost 2000 lbs., that it is almost certain you will find one that will work for you.

One important thing to consider is to make sure that your hand truck is rated for the load it will need to carry. While it is never a problem to have a load that is very light on a higher capacity hand truck, if you over burden a hand truck with excessive weight above the load capacity, you can damage the structure of your hand truck. This can lead to poor performance and potential failure.

  • Wesco SuperLite Folding Truck Model 220617: This fold up truck from Wesco features an all aluminum frame for strength while still being extremely lightweight. The cart has a space saving folding design so that it can fit into small storage spaces or car trunks when not in use. Elastic straps are included to secure loads and the unit including 7” rubber tread wheels with a1.5” thickness to provide shock absorption without marking the floor. Load capacity of this hand truck is 175 lbs. Dimensions in use are width 15.5”, height 41”, depth 17.5” and a weight of 11.4 lbs. The unit folds to 19” x 29.5” x 2” with height adjustment of 29.5” to 42”.
  • Wesco StairKing Battery Powered Stair Climbing Appliance Truck: With a welded aluminum construction, this heavy-duty truck has a load capacity of 850 lbs. The large 2” diameter polyurethane lifting feet provide more secure stair gripping to prevent slipping on flights of stairs. Included is a ½ horsepower high torque motor that runs cooler under load and an industrial grade gearbox to transmit steady power more preferably than other gearboxes. An auto rewind ratchet works first to take the slack out of the cargo belt and then provides a ratchet crank to securely tighten the load for greater safety. Dimensions are width 24” and depth 12” with heights of either 66” or 72” and the units have 6” mold-on rubber wheels. Units are available with either single or dual batteries to operate the stair climbing action.

When You Want the Price that is Right Call Douglas Equipment

Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955 and we know that small business owners need to watch their expenses. This is why our trained and knowledgeable service professionals can help you find the right piece of material handling equipment you need for your job at a price that is affordable for you.

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