Improving Your Workplace with Hand Trucks

Improving Your Workplace with Hand TrucksIf you have a business that sells goods you are likely going to have to move heavy items at some time. If the items you are moving are bigger than a bundle of paper then you may want to consider a hand truck to help carry these loads to make life easier for you and your employees. For use in a smaller business setting, hand trucks are smaller, easier to use, and more versatile than many larger pieces of material handling equipment.

At Douglas Equipment we have been in the business of serving the material handling equipment needs of our customers since 1955, and we can help you navigate the many hand trucks in our line of Wesco and Harper hand trucks to find the model that is right for your needs. From light duty hand trucks for occasional usage to heavy-duty hand trucks for moving large loads on a routine basis, we can satisfy your unique needs. Here are some samples of what we have to offer:

I Have a Small Office, What Are Some Light Duty Models?

If you work in a small office environment, you may need to move some larger sized loads, but not on a regular basis. This might be moving a computer station from one area to another, or transporting a few boxes of paper up a short flight of stairs. We have many smaller duty hand trucks that are right for this type of work, and here are a few examples of models that you might want to consider:

  • Series 410 Cobra-Lite Aluminum Hand Truck: This simple hand truck has a light aluminum construction with semi-pneumatic wheels. Dimensions are Width 18”, Height 49”, Depth 20” with a capacity of 600 pounds. The hand truck weighs just 27.5 pounds.
  • Harper EL5660: This is a simple two-wheel hand truck with a loop or D-Handle, steel curved-back frame and 10” hard tread polyflex wheels. Dimensions are Width 19”, Height 50”, Depth 19” with capacity of 600 pounds. This hand truck weighs 35 pounds.
  • Harper Super Brute Dual Truck: This economical hand truck has a 1-1/4” steel construction frame and an aircraft aluminum handle with 10” pneumatic load wheels and additional 5” polyolefin swivel casters.  The hand truck has can be used either in the two wheel position or laid down in the four-wheel position for use as a platform truck. Frame width of 18” and 48” height make it compact enough for easy transport and large enough to handle the goods.  With a capacity of 700 pounds on 2 wheels and 900 pounds on 4 wheels, this hand truck weighs 48 pounds.

I Need to Move Larger Loads at Times, What Are Some Medium Duty Models?

If you are looking at larger loads you may want a hand cart that easily converts into a platform style truck easily to make moving larger loads easy. This will allow you the ease of motion provided by a platform truck, but the small storage area that a hand truck allows. We also have some specialty hand trucks designed for assisting with moving objects up a long flight of stairs, such as moving a pile of copy paper onto the second floor of an office building. Here are a few of these sorts of hand trucks that we may recommend for your needs:

  • Wesco Spartan Jr. Economy Aluminum 2 in 1 Truck: Good for occasional usage,this hand truck has an aluminum frame construction with solid rubber wheels and non-marking swivel casters. Dimensions are Width 22”, Height 52”, Depth 19” with capacity of 500 pounds on 2 wheels and 1,000 pounds on 4 wheels. Also available in the tall “Senior version, this hand truck weight 54 pounds.
  • Wesco Cobra Sr. Convertible Truck: This heavy duty duty hand truck has an aluminum frame construction with semi-pneumatic wheels and 5” swivel casters, and is the one we recommend when use is all-day, every day. The load wheels, frame rivets and latch assembly are all upgraded from the Economy Spartan.  Dimensions are Width 22”, Height 61.75”, Depth 19” and capacity of 600 pounds on 2 wheels and 1200 pounds on 4 wheels. The hand truck weighs 47 pounds.  We can also provide the smaller, but no less heavy duty, “Junior” version.
  • StairKing Battery Powered Stair Climbing Truck: This appliance hand truck is designed specifically for moving loads up stairs. The battery-operated stair-climbing conveyor allows for this with no exertion on the employee moving the hand truck. The construction is an aluminum construction frame with Moldon Rubber wheels. Dimensions are Width 24”, Height 66 “, Depth 15” and capacity of 850 pounds. The hand truck weighs 101 pounds.

I Have Industrial Moving Needs, What Are Some Heavy Duty Models?

For moving regular heavy items you want a heavy duty hand truck that will move the weight you need moved without causing physical strain for your employees. We have several models that may suit your needs, including some specialty hand trucks for unique needs and specialty attachments for such activities that require the hand truck to be used on stairs.

  • Harper LLH two wheel handtruck: This taller, heavier truck has a 1-1/4” steel frame construction with standard 10” hard tread polyflex wheels and the popular loop or D-Handle. Beveled 8 x 14 nose plate, and trihole axle bracket for robust wheel options are other features of this workhorse. Dimensions are Width 19-3/4”, Height 50-1/2”, Depth 18.5” with capacity of 800 pounds. The hand truck weighs 40 pounds.
  • Harper DE-32SN and DE-32TSN: The “Shovelnose.”  Heaviest duty available from our stock, this steel frame beast has an extra large trapezoidal nose plate, 17-1/2” wide at the back and 13” deep, 3/4” diameter axle, heavy gauge wheel fenders, and deluxe supersoft aluminumcore balloon cushion wheels.  51” height or extra tall 61” height and 900# capacity make this favored by meat packers and stevedores.
  • Stevens CS-60: This is a specialty hand truck for appliance movers with an all steel frame construction. 14-1/2’ crank operated strap immobilizes wide loads as you roll.  5” x 24” noseplate .  Dimensions are Width 24”, Height 60”, Depth 16” with capacity of 750 pounds.  Steel and magnesium models also available with ratchet strap.  The hand truck weighs 53 pounds.

Which Option is Right for You?

If you’re ready to find out more about which hand trucks can help you to improve your workplace why not contact our experts at Douglas Equipment. Call us toll free at 800-451-0030 and let us help you select the hand truck that best meets your needs.