Folding Sack Trolley For Sale In Miami Fl

Folding Sack Trolley For Sale In Miami FlWe at Douglas Equipment are proud to offer a wide selection of folding sack trolleys in our inventory at our location in Miami. Our trolleys are among the most popular, versatile and reliable pieces of mobility equipment. The key element is flexibility that the product provides to our clients.  This is done with the full ability of carrying great amount loads without sacrificing sturdiness or safety.

How does it compare?

Our inventory ranges from lightweight domestic to heavy-duty versions.  Our folding sack trolleys are all foldable for easy storage and transportation. Though the components are similar to other mobility equipment, the equipment takes up less space because it folds. The folding mechanism is designed to operate smoothly.  Translation? It is light, versatile and easy to store.  It is ideal for domestic or light commercial use with a flexible holding capacity. In addition, it is built based on sound architectural designs incorporating strength, safety and flexibility.

Custom Assembled to Ensure Safe Product Delivery

Many of our clients within the service industry need to carry relatively heavy loads on a large variety of surfaces. The insurance liability considerations further enforce the equipment mobility safety standard protocols. We are aware of all standards and we always tend to exceed industry standards.

Our expert-staff keenly inspect all mobility equipment with great attention to detail. This is one of the key foundations of our approach to develop positive customer experiences. We earnestly take pride in proactively reaching out to our customers. Our product advisors are able to visualize each and every customer’s usage of the equipment. The selections that we offer are solidly tested to provide the most secure delivery.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the folding sack trolley meets and exceeds all special mobility requirements. The attention to detail throughout the assembly process goes above and beyond simply choosing high-grade components. We ask our clients for details on the projected usage and the conditions of the environment where the trolley will be used.

The focus on safety is specific. For example, environmental scientists frequently visiting Florida Everglades are in constant need of moving sensitive equipment on often muddy, thus unstable wet terrains. Our solution? A custom assembled folding sack trolley with reinforced welding and rust resistant components in conjunction with larger surface wheels.

Fortunately, there are not that many clients with the product mobility needs in the Florida Everglades. Nevertheless, the mobility challenges for the majority of our customers remain abundant.
Common Mobility Challenges

There are two prominent items on top of our clients’ priority list: space and maneuverability. The bulk of our service industry clientele consist of restaurants, bars, and cruise-lines. The issues of space and maneuverability have remained paramount in the mentioned sectors. That is why our folding sack trolleys gaining popularity.

Narrower Frames, Greater Mobility

Interestingly, the folding sack trolleys that are requested by the food/beverage industries are narrower by design. That is because the slim framed types are lighter, more flexible and easier to navigate around the tight spaces of bars, kitchens and cruise lines. We strive to increase our clents’ return on investment by providing them the best, most product that does not strain your employees, meeting and exceeding all expectations.

Cruise Lines’ Mobility challenges addressed by our Folding Sack Trolley

South Florida and specifically Miami is one of the largest (if not the largest) cruise capitals of the world. Every week, dozens of massive and luxurious passenger ships representing numerous major cruise lines embark and disembark thousands of passengers. Yet, unbeknownst to many of these cruising travellers, throughout the brief ship dockage periods, there are massive armies of service personnel mobilized to replenish and ready the ship for the next journey. The passenger cruise ships are self-sustained. In fact they are practically floating cities with all creature comfort features and amenities. This necessitates an exorbitant volume of items to be transported within the ships quarters.

Our Solution

The practical need for this product is among the most significant for many of these cruise operators. When it comes to the cruise industry, besides the obvious space and ship surface maneuverability challenges, the other pressing factor is the limited time. The dedicated cruise ships’ personnel are always pressed for time. Good equipment makes the difference between meeting and not meeting the deadlines. In the cruise industry, not meeting deadlines directly translates in loss of funds. Failure is not considered as an option. The reliability of mobility equipment ensures cruise lines’ timely delivery and added product mobility.

Our Value Propositions: Service, Product Quality and Location

When it comes to the usage of our folding sack trolley, no other industry exerts such a concentrated demand as our cruise industry customers. Our dedication to hard charging customers such as the cruise line industry motivates us to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service.

We firmly back our folding sack trolleys with great warranty plans and programs. Since our early days in 1955, our clients throughout South Florida and beyond have consistently enjoyed our diligence in customer service. We provide replacement support and limited warranties on parts and components. Each and every trolley that is sold in our store or online is thoroughly inspected by our experienced personnel. Our main location is in Miami and conveniently close to all global cruise line terminals.

We are always there for our customers

Our professional staff will be there to answer your questions during normal business hours. You may reach us at our toll free number 1-800-451-0030. Our local number is 305-888-3700. You may also send us a fax with your requests. Our fax number is: 305-883-9563. For the past several years more and more of our customers throughout South Florida and beyond are opting to use our convenient online web site. You may choose to connect with us electronically on line.