Folding Hand Trucks: High Capacity and Space Efficient

Folding Hand Trucks: High Capacity and Space EfficientWhen it comes to material handling equipment, hand trucks are one of the best and easiest ways to transport anything that can’t be carried. They make inventory management a breeze and they are so practical that they can be used in both industrial and residential applications. However, what do you do about storing a hand truck when it is not being used? This can sometimes be problematic, especially in small working environments. Douglas Equipment can provide you with hand trucks that can be easily stored no matter what size area you work with.

Since 1955, Douglas Equipment has been providing our customers with high quality casters and material handling equipment. We bring a large amount of experience when it comes to our products. We have a diverse inventory and can help customers in a wide variety of industries. Primarily we focus on the hospitality and health care industries, but we also make sure that our products are not just available for industrial customers. We have been doing business with individuals who have simple residential needs since we started our business and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We’re based in South Florida and can ship anywhere in the United States. Plus, due to our unique location, shipping to Caribbean and South American customers is no problem.

We have a wide variety of space efficient hand trucks. We carry a number of folding hand trucks that can move high capacity loads and can convert into platform trucks as well. When it comes time to store these versatile trucks, you will be able to fold them into the most space efficient configuration that works for you.

2 in 1 Convertible Steel Hand Trucks

The 2 in 1 convertible steel hand truck is a great option because it also can be converted into a platform truck. Because they come in a wide range of models and capacities, they’re perfect for a variety of jobs.

  • Greenline Economical 2-in-1 Hand Truck – This hand truck is a great first time money conscious purchase. As a two wheel hand truck, it has a starting capacity of 300 pounds and a maximum of 500 pounds, and as a four wheel platform truck it has a starting capacity of 400 pounds and a maximum of 600 pounds. The mounted casters are rubber swivel, which gives you good basic protection and mobility. This line of hand trucks comes with semi pneumatic wheels. The semi pneumatic wheel is a great choice because it has most of the advantages of a pneumatic wheel, for example, shock absorbency and smooth transport over rough surfaces, without the key disadvantage of pneumatic wheels. Because pneumatic wheels are filled with air, they cannot handle heavier loads because the stress and pressure placed on the wheel can cause damage more easily. All in all, this is a great hand truck for general duties.
  • 2-in-1 Deluxe Industrial Hand Truck – This hand truck is a step up from the Greenline economy hand truck. It still comes with a semi pneumatic wheel, but it has a tougher steel construction and comes with Colson Hi-Tech Performa casters. These casters are highly abuse resistant, provide smooth transport, and have excellent mobility. Plus, the differing models of this line of hand truck have a greater capacity than the Greenline models. As a two wheel hand truck, these models have a capacity ranging from 700 – 800 pounds. As a four wheel platform truck, these models can handle 1,000 pounds. These trucks also come with a five year guarantee against weld failure.
  • Spartan Economy Convertible – The Spartan Economy Convertible line is another great affordable option for appliances and general duties. This line of hand/platform trucks can handle about 500 pounds as a two wheel cart and 1,000 pounds as a four wheel cart. These carts can be purchased with either pneumatic or solid rubber wheels. Solid rubber wheels are great for smooth transport and help prevent scuff marks, scratches and other types of flooring damage.
  • Aluminum Cobra Convertible – As the name suggests, the Aluminum Cobra convertible hand/platform truck is made out of aluminum, but this does not mean that it’s weaker than your average steel frame hand truck. It simply means that the lighter frame increases mobility and ease of use. Additionally, aluminum is a great substance to use in hazardous environments, as it is abuse resistant and easily cleaned. The Cobra convertibles break down into two basic models: the Junior and Senior models. Both models boast great capacities. The two wheel configuration can support 600 pounds while the four wheel platform truck can support 1,200 pounds. The Junior model is a little lighter, shorter, and shallower, while the Senior model has a height of roughly 6 feet and is able to move heavier and larger objects. All the Cobra convertibles come with pneumatic wheels.
  • Folding Handle Platform Trucks – Another idea for material handling equipment that is not exactly a hand truck but is extremely space efficient is the folding handle platform truck. This type of platform truck comes in a variety of capacities with a maximum of 700 pounds. They also come in a variety of dimensions from a small width to long decks as wide as 58.5 inches. When these trucks are not in use, the handle is folded parallel to the truck decks and can be stored vertically in a small storage area.

Customer Support for Space Conscious Hand Truck Selection

We believe that the most important product that we sell is consumer confidence. There are plenty of other caster and material handling equipment firms out there, but our company has years of experience selling and a hard to beat knowledge of our innovative products. We work diligently to make sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases. Our courteous customer service staff is always available to discuss your unique needs. Contact us today for help selecting a folding hand truck that will actually be space efficient in your environment.