Best Casters for Trucking and Storage Businesses


Best Casters for Trucking and Storage BusinessesThe Instinct to Store

People have been storing things since the beginning of time. It is a natural instinct to hold on, to reserve, and to prepare for future times by stocking up and storing. In today’s world, it is no different. The things that people store and the places and methods with which they use to store them may have changed, but not the instinct. In many cities around the nation today the storage business has been growing. People enjoy being able to store items, maintaining possession of their items while keeping them out of sight and out from under foot. Storage companies offer a variety of options in sizes of storage units and temperature conditions. Storage companies cater to a constantly moving crowd. People store things for long times and short times and therefore there is a constant movement of items in and out of the facility. With the constant movement of items it is very important to have equipment that is mobile, and one of the fastest and easiest ways to make something mobile is to add a small yet vital item, the caster.

Other Uses

Casters are handy items that are often overlooked. They are vital to many different types of businesses. Another important line of business that utilizes casters often is trucking businesses. All aspects of a trucking business are constantly in motion and speed and efficiency are of utmost importance. Another characteristic of the trucking business is that it requires durability and hardiness from both its workers and the equipment used in daily business. Both the trucking business and the storage business are industries that require lots of movement, but with different specific needs. No matter the specific needs of a particular type of business there are caster options that are suitable.

Small but Important

When it comes to casters, they are small items that can make a large difference in the speed, efficiency and flow of work in a workplace. Also, with today’s technology there are many different varieties and combinations of casters available which means that no matter what type of work needs to be accomplished there is a caster that is just right for the job.

Differing Weight Load Capacities

Generally casters are available in light, medium and heavy. And although the casters do differ in weight themselves, the weight designation refers to the individual casters weight bearing load capacity. The light casters usually have a weight bearing load capacity of 75-145 lbs per caster. The medium casters usually have a mid-range weight bearing load capacity of up to 325 lbs per caster. The heavy casters have an increased weight bearing capacity from 1250 lbs each, to up to 8000 lbs each. In addition to the regular categories light, medium and heavy, there are also specialty casters and custom caster options available. Some of the specialty caster include: spring loaded door casters, gravity lock ladder casters, concealed side mount casters, die-cast aluminum leveling casters, rug runner casters, high-capacity, low overall height extrathane casters and glass cutting table casters. Also, an additional specialty option is the options of carbon steel ball transfers that are made of a ball of steel or nylon that can roll omni-directionally, which can multiply movement possibilities.

Best Casters for Trucking and Storage Businesses

Other Defining Options

In addition to the weight bearing capacity, there are other types of options to consider when choosing casters. They come with a variety of ways to attach them to the piece of furniture or equipment that needs to be made mobile. Some of the available options of attachment include: top plate, threaded stem, stainless steel, expanding adapter stem, square stem, grip ring stem, pipe thread stem, modular stem, top plate swivel, and the kingpinless top plate. They all offer different possibilities and looks. The casters also come in a wide variety of material, both the metal mechanical housing and the rolling wheel or ball. Some of the available material options of the wheel include: endura solid, forged steel, performa, performa rubber, performa conductive, polyolefin, polyurethane Hi-Tech, phenolic, cast iron, maxim, moldon polyurethane, moldon nylon, moldon rubber, and thermo. Each material offers a different performance quality. Some materials are made to glide noiselessly over the floors, some are made to be able to absorb shock to protect the load and some are made to be versatile in the type of terrain that it may be rolled over. No matter what the working conditions or requirements there is an option that it is just right. And in order to select the best possibly suited caster it is very important to know the available options. In addition to these specifics there are other things to consider such as wheel width, wheel diameter and the overall height of the caster which contains both wheel and attachment mechanism.

We Understand the Difficult Choice
No matter what type of business you are in, there is a caster that could be useful to the work you need to accomplish. And in order for you to be able to pick the caster that is best suited to your line of business we know that it is important for you to know all the options. We pride ourselves in being able to offer excellent customer service and product knowledge, knowing that we can help you most accurately decide on the best equipment and caster choice for your business’s line of work. We understand that making the correct choice can be daunting, but we also understand the future implications it can have on the efficiency and financial health of your business. Tools and equipment that are properly matched to the work required of them work better and last longer, this in turn aids in creating a better work environment and saving your company its hard-earned money. With more than fifty years experience in the business we strive to make your job easier, by doing our job to keep you informed. Please contact us Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, or locally at 305-888-3700. You can also reach us through the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to working with you.