Aluminum Hand Trolley For Sale In Miami FL

Aluminum Hand Trolley For Sale In Miami FLWe, at Douglas Equipment, offer an extensive array of the most solidly built aluminum hand trolleys in Miami, Florida. Many of our clients that are regular steel frame hand trolley users tend to add the aluminum hand trolley to their equipment repertoire. What makes our aluminum hand trolley selection unique is the use of high resistance aluminum alloys.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements in nature. On our planet, it ranks third next to the air we breathe and silica (sand). However, unlike iron or other metals that are readily mined and available in free form, aluminum is a metal composition that was discovered by science. It is created through reduction of aluminum chloride and incorporation of minerals. Since the discovery of aluminum in 1825, this relatively modern metal has been increasingly utilized by many industries. The aircraft manufacturing industry has been one of the heaviest users of aluminum. Many modern engines are made using this metal. Industrial grade aluminum metal is light and rust proof. Aluminum continues to reign supreme in many industries, including ours, with its ongoing scientific improvement within the metal’s composition. The frame of our aluminum hand trolleys are manufactured using high endurance, top grade aluminum. The specific mineral composition of the aluminum used in the manufacture of our hand trolleys allows for better support and minimal vibrations while transporting goods. Aluminum is a very light material, so the hand trolleys made from this material are inherently light. However, this feature does not the diminish our trolleys’ ability to handle high capacity loads. In other words, the aluminum components of our trolleys perform better than counterparts manufactured with other, heavier metals.

Exposure to Elements

We don’t have to look far to see the effect extreme weather can have on this kind of equipment. As a Miami-based company, we’re familiar with South Florida’s tropical elements – torrential rains and high humidity – which can affect the integrity of certain metals. Many customers favor our aluminum hand trolley as the most durable and rust-resistant option. Our aluminum hand trolleys are used by businesses in the food service industry where the hand trolley comes into contact with water and other liquids. Not only do we deal with torrential rains and high humidity here in South Florida, we are also in close proximity to the beach, whose corrosive nature is insidious. Many businesses in the area encounter equipment failure due to the corrosive effect beach elements have on steel frames. Many businesses that utilize sea-going vessels such as cruise ships, fisherman, and yachters face even greater threats from the elements, and, as such, prefer the rust-resistant qualities of our aluminum hand trolleys.

Aluminum Hand Trolley in High Demand

Many of our customers are bar and restaurant owners with locations on the famed Miami Ocean Drive. Our aluminum hand trolleys make it easier for these entrepreneurs to enjoy running their business without worrying about replacing equipment due to the effects of salt water, sand, and rain. Beside our local Miami clients, we also serve numerous businesses’ mobility needs throughout the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and thousands more along the A1A stretch. In addition to our regional customers, we have many clients that utilize our trolleys on board their boats, ships, and yachts.  The need for a rust resistant hand truck on board ships is critical due to the amount of salt water and sea air they come into contact with on a daily basis. The personnel on board ships and yachts value our aluminum hand trolleys not only for their because of their quality, rigidity, and manageable weight, but also for their resistance to these common elements. Aluminum Hand Trolley For Sale In Miami FL 2

Serving Miami and South Florida the Yachting Capital

One of our largest concentrations of clients is in South Florida’s yachting industry. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are the quintessential yachting capitals, harboring billions of dollars of luxury yachts. We work closely with these clients to understand the specific issues they are having their current equipment, from damage due to the elements to space restrictions, and find that our light-weight, rust-resistant aluminum hand trolleys are often the perfect solution.

Our Attention to Little Details goes a Long Way

Here at Douglas, our attention to detail has always been the cornerstone of our success. This certainly helps us as we discover and serve our yachting clients. Before offering a solution to any of our clients, we first ask questions to discover the purpose the trolley will have and what terrain it will be used on.

  • What type of flooring surfaces does the client’s yacht have? Whether it is wood, carpet, or something else, the trolley will need to work on each different surface.
  • Where and how will the trolley be used? These factors determine the weight capacity of the trolley, the type of casters that must be utilized, etc.

Most of the yachts where our equipment is utilized are valued at millions of dollars. Often, the use of the wrong trolley can damage floors, leaving tread marks behind. The products we deliver to these clients are specific.

Discerning Customers

At Douglas, we consider the needs of all our customers unique. However, some industries require more discerning decisions due to the delicate nature of the materials our trolleys will be wheeled across. By working with our customers, we are able to fully understand what they need the trolley for and can deliver a quality product that meets their needs. We are so confident in our ability to delivery quality equipment to our clients that we back all parts and components with a product warranty. Such is our dedication to customer service that many of the yachts docked in Miami and South Florida use Douglas Equipment.

How to Reach Us

Because we serve not only Miami and South Florida, we provide our customers several options to get in touch. If you’re looking for hand trolleys that can stand up to a corrosive environment while providing you the maneuverability you need, please contact us using one of the methods below to discuss your needs and options.

  • Call toll free at 1 (800) 451-0030
  • Call locally at (305) 888-3700
  • Send a fax to (305) 883-9563
  • Fill out our Online Form
  • Or come visit our friendly and knowledgeable staff during normal business hours.

We look forward to helping you solve your business’s mobility problems!