How Light Duty Casters Can Be Used on Furniture

November 2, 2017

Though casters are typically associated with large-scale commercial usage and mobility, they’re actually a great way to make typical office furniture or home decor items more portable. This is made possible by smaller, light duty casters that can be attached to existing furniture in a number of ways. You have the option of using either…

What are the Best Caster Wheels for Furniture?

September 30, 2017

When selecting casters for furniture, it is important to find the correct caster for the job. Improper casters can make it hard or even impossible to move furniture. If the casters are not sturdy enough, they will not be able to support the weight and break or will need to be replaced often. Going the…

Furniture Handling Equipment from Wesco

Furniture Handling Equipment from Wesco

August 23, 2017

If you move furniture on a regular basis as a hobby, then you might need to re-think your options. However, if you do it as part of your business then that’s much more understandable, simply because it’s such a tough task that it makes no sense to do it for anything other than profit! There…