Wholesale of Bed Frames Casters

Wholesale of Bed Frames CastersBed Frame Casters By a Different Name

Think of a bed frame and immediately a certain type of caster comes to mind. The casters that come to mind that are commonly used as a choice for bed frame casters are also known as rug runner casters. These casters that are made with bed frames in mind have a wider surface area, and therefore, in spite of their low profile, they have the ability to distribute the overall weight over a larger area. Also they are often designed to be able to go smoothly over multiple floor surfaces due to their common uses on multiple types of floor surfaces.

One Among Many

This type of casters often falls into the category of specialty casters due to their specific design and use. There are other specialty casters that also serve specific purposes such as: glass cutting table casters, spring loaded door casters, die-cast aluminum leveling casters, gravity lock ladder casters, concealed side mount casters, high-capacity and low overall height extrathane casters. In addition, another option that can be added that can make certain caters even more specific is carbon steel ball transfers. These casters are made of a ball of nylon or steel that can roll omni-directionally. This design allows for an even wider range of mobility.

Standard as Well as Specialty

There are also wide ranges of options in the standard categories of casters. The basic casters are available in light, medium and heavy. This distinction refers to the weight load capacity that the caster can handle. Although it does not refer to the actual weight of the caster it can be generally assumed that the more heavy duty the caster the higher weight load capacity that it can bear. In addition to the weight load capacity distinction, there are many other characteristics that can be chosen to help tailor the caster to meet specific needs. Some of the other characteristics to consider include the attachment mechanism, the way in which the caster is attached to the item that it is making mobile; the wheel material and size; and the material and finish of the caster housing. Some of the available attachment mechanisms to consider include square stem, threaded stem, top plate, top plate swivel, kingpinless top plate, stainless steel, expanding adapter stem, grip ring stem, pipe thread stem, and modular stem. Some of the different wheel materials available include: performa, performa conductive, polyolefin, polyurethane Hi-Tech, phenolic, cast iron, stainless steel, maxim, and thermo. Additionally there are other features that can be added to some varieties that can further enhance the design such as brakes.

Assessing the Interaction

When trying to decide what is the best caster choice or your job there are a number of questions that you can ask to help to determine the best possible match. With the numerous possibilities of uses and many different kinds of work environments in which casters may be utilized it is vital to understand the wide range of available options there is to choose from. Likewise, it is very important to also understand how the different characteristics of the individual casters interact with the environments in which will be utilized.

Asking the Right Mix of Questions

Wholesale of Bed Frames Casters 2It is imperative to know as many of the details as possible about the job to be executed in order to understand how the casters can best interact. To start with, there are numerous simple questions that can be asked that can help to paint a more clear understanding of the job to be performed, enabling the most correct caster to be chosen for the specific job.  Some of the best questions that can aid in determining the nature of job to be performed in comparison with the conditions in which the job will be performed, may include: What exactly needs to be moved? Is the item one large item or is it multiple small items? Is it shaped oddly? Does the item need to be handled with special care, or is it fragile? What is the item’s total overall weight? Is the item unusually heavy or is it possible that the weight of the item is distributed in an uneven manner? What is the distance that the item needs to be moved? Is it something that needs to be moved daily, or even many times throughout the day? Or is it an item that needs to be able to be stabilized and secure yet have the option of mobility? And over what type of ground surface does it need to travel? What is the ground? Is it manmade or natural? Is the ground surface smooth or rough? Or maybe it is a mix of textures, both smooth and rough? These beginning questions can help to point you in the best direction and can aid in determining which caster will be the best match or the specific job at hand.

Help When You Need It

With more than fifty years of experience in the business of keeping people and businesses in movement we understand your unique business needs. We always strive to combine our knowledge of equipment and accessories with your knowledge of your individual business and the type of work being performed to be able to best match you with the products that you need. We will help you to ask the most detailed questions so that we can help you to find the best answer. We also understand that time can equal money, and therefore, we strive to have both efficient and speedy customer service representatives paired with a full in-stock selection. This enables you to be able to get the things you need as soon as possible, without waiting for long ship times.

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