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How Light Duty Casters can be Used on Furniture

How Light Duty Casters can be Used on FurnitureThough casters are typically associated with large-scale commercial usage and mobility, they’re actually a great way to make typical office furniture or home decor items more portable than they’d be otherwise. This is made possible by smaller, light duty casters that can be attached to existing furniture in a number of ways, using either a “stem” or a traditional attachment plate that utilizes a swivel plate. They’re versatile and highly affordable, making them practical for a wide array of everyday uses.

Mobility Only When it’s Needed Using Furniture  Casters

A good number of office workers and home decorators are probably wondering how light duty casters can be used on furniture without that furniture rolling away at the drop of a hat. This is actually not a problem for those who need their mobile furniture to stay in place; most light duty casters come with brakes that can be engaged when the furniture is moved into its permanent (or semi-permanent) position.

Known as a “tread brake,” the brakes can be lowered simply using an individual’s foot, and the brake slides over the wheel itself and blocks the caster’s tread from moving. Generally speaking, at least two wheels with this kind of brake should be installed in order to keep portable furniture stationary. Ideally, all four wheels would be equipped with this feature to prevent someone’s work desk from rolling down a hallway and into the elevator — even though that would be a great reason to take the day off.

Highly Adaptable to Every Environment

Light duty casters are pretty versatile, in terms of their features, functions, and aesthetics. Douglas Equipment offers customers a wide selection of Omega light duty casters that come in both black and light chrome, with so-called “viper” wheels or traditional neoprene rubber. The casters can optionally come with stems installed, which is the perfect way to order replacement casters for existing medical equipment or office seating; they can also be shipped with swivel plates, which is the ideal way to give stationary furniture a new, portable life.

Every light duty caster is shipped with a matching thread guard for a fully integrated solution that will match any office’s designs, or any home’s aesthetics. With wheel diameters of both two and three inches, they’ll be able to operate perfectly on larger pieces of furniture and in smaller applications where a larger tread is simply not needed for maximum mobility. This smaller diameter also allows the wheel to be a less prominent part of any furniture item’s appearance, pairing good form with excellent function.

For Light Duty Casters, Go With a Company that “Gets It”

Douglas Equipment knows casters, and they know how the proper mobility can enhance any work environment. The company is well-versed in promoting greater mobility, productivity, and even safety, in a wide variety of home, office, and commercial applications; that bodes well for customers, who can rest easy knowing they’re buying a highly durable product from a highly experienced vendor in their own industry. For more information about light duty casters, please contact us.