Choosing the Right Type of Tread for your Caster Wheels

Choosing the Right Type of Tread for your Caster WheelsWearing the Wrong Shoe for the Job

Imagine having to go to hiking and wearing shoes meant for a day at the office. It is uncomfortable, painful and bothersome. The wearer cannot gain the full hiking experience and enjoy it because he cannot hike efficiently. Imagine now that the casters on the bottom of furniture and equipment are the same as your shoes. Therefore, the same is true of having a caster with the wrong tread for the job. There are many details that can and should be considered when it comes to choosing a caster. Many things in fact, are often overlooked. And one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a caster is the type, material and size of the tread.

More Than One Reason to Consider Flooring Details

Depending on what the casters are attached to and the job that they are being asked to accomplish, it is very important to consider what type of surface the casters will be rolling on. Different floors and surfaces offer different types of traction, and therefore they offer different types of resistance to rolling objects, such as casters. Therefore, when considering the best caster for the job, it is very important to be aware of the type of floor that they will be used on. Another very important reason to consider the material of the floor is to prevent undue damage, both to the floor and to the casters. Some surfaces are more easily scratched, dented, and damaged and therefore to protect the investment that has been made in the flooring it is important to understand the different caster tread and material options available.

An Array of Material and Tread Options

Casters come in all types of materials and sizes. Some of the tread types for light and medium weight jobs include Performa Rubber with flat tread, Polyolefin, Hi-tech Polyurethane, Cushion Rubber, and Hard Rubber. For casters that will be carrying a heavier load some of the material and tread options include: Performa Rubber with flat tread, Performa Rubber with round tread, Performa Conductive Flat, Performa Conductive Round, Polyolefin, Maxim, Hi-Temp Thermo, Polyurethane Hi-Tech, Phenolic and Cast Iron. Also, depending on the type of caster some materials are available in different sizes ranging from 7/8” tread to 1 and ½” tread.

Making the Right Choice

No matter the job at hand, the material or equipment to be moved, or the surface over which it has to be moved, there is a perfect caster that is made just for the circumstance. Once you know the answers to these questions the job is almost done. The next thing that needs to be done is selecting the right caster for the job, just as you would pick the right pair of shoes for the corresponding outing.

And when it comes to casters, Douglas Equipment knows. We are more than happy to help you sort through the various caster options available in different sizes, materials, mountings and treads. We understand the difference it can make when you have the right tool for the job. And we want to ensure that your job goes as smoothly as possible. Please contact us today Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030 . We are waiting to answer all of your caster questions.