Casters to Move Heavy Furniture

Casters to Move Heavy FurnitureHow and Why to Choose Casters to Move Heavy Furniture

If there’s one activity that can bring everyone together in a moment of dread, it’s moving heavy furniture from one place to another. There’s just nothing particularly fun and exiting about picking up heavy couches, business machines, or industrial equipment, and transporting it to another area in the home, office, or warehouse. Luckily, though, there is at least one tool that can make the process at least a little more enjoyable. When it’s time to move the next big item of furniture around a home or business facility, look to casters to improve mobility, reduce the effort required, and make things a bit more pleasant.

How to Choose Casters for a Moving Job: Look at Weight Capacity and Materials

A caster itself won’t necessarily make the moving process easy for a particularly heavy piece of equipment or furniture. After all, casters come in a wide variety of sizes, capacities, and materials, and many of them simple aren’t up to the task of conducting a big move. Many are, though, and they can be found with a little careful shopping and selection.

Before making a caster purchase with the hope of easing a big move, be sure to pay special attention to the caster’s rated weight capacity. This is the best way to ensure that it can handle the task being thrown at it after it has been installed to the bottom of the equipment. As a general rule, be sure to always overestimate the weight of a heavy item rather than lowball that weight. It’s always better to be safe and mobile, than to be sorry and stuck.

Also be sure to pay careful attention to the materials used when creating the caster. Some companies will use this as an area to cut corners and reduce expenses during manufacturing. Others, though, will use high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, and rubber, making sure that a caster really can withstand even the most demanding moving jobs demanded of it.

The Benefits of Casters in Moving: Reduced Stress and Injuries are a Good Thing

Business owners are certainly familiar with the risks and costs associated with employee injuries incurred on the job. This alone should be a solid reason to choose casters, rather than pure manual labor, when moving the heaviest items around a home or business facility. Casters help to reduce the amount of weight handled by movers, instead requiring a mere push and pull throughout the facility.

They also make the move easier to complete, with less effort required overall. That means the next big move a company undertakes can be completed in a much shorter amount of time, boosting productivity and reducing overall expenses.

Choose Douglas Equipment for Casters when Moving Heavy Furniture

Whether it’s a particularly heavy couch, a large corner desk, or even the equipment found in offices and warehouses, be sure to choose Douglas Equipment for the casters needed to get the job done. Our long history in this industry has given us access to the best products, prices, and services, to help customers of all kinds move their furniture with relative ease. Contact us today for a free quote.