Where Can You Buy Wholesale Dock and Shipping Equipment?

If you own a commercial, industrial building, or warehouse, then part of your facility is probably being used for docking and loading. Your docking and shipping areas need to be carefully managed as they are an important part of your entire business operation. These areas are no doubt very busy carrying a lot of products, material and other items onto delivery trucks. These are also places where safety is of a paramount importance as there is typically a great deal of traffic, both vehicular and by foot.

Because of these issues, you’ll likely want to only deck your dock and shipping areas out with the very best, and most reliable equipment. If your docking area grinds to a halt due to poor equipment choices, then you create a bottleneck which can create disastrous consequences. You would be shaking up a bottle of soda that has the top screwed right on. You can imagine what happens when all that pressure is finally released.

You’ll also want to get the best prices for the dock and material handling equipment that you purchase, and you can usually get these prices by purchasing your equipment in bulk at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Dock and Shipping Equipment – What You Need to Consider

Your loading bay is a place where mobility is extremely important. Your items need to easily get from their place in the warehouse and then loaded onto delivery trucks. Depending on the way your dock is structured, you may need to consider the best way to get items from the actual warehouse onto your trucks. It’s unlikely that you will be able to bring vehicles directly into your warehouse, so you’ll need to work out how to bridge the gap between the warehouse and vehicles.

There are a range of wholesale dock and shipping equipment items that will help your loading or shipping dock run with extreme efficiency. Such items will include:

  • Cargo bars
  • Chain hoists
  • Dock levelers, lifts and lights
  • Stabilizing jacks
  • Strapping trucks
  • Vehicle restraint systems

You may consider that to be quite an extensive list, but the more items you have to help, the more efficiently your shipping procedures will run.

When Considering Wholesale Dock and Shipping Equipment Choose Wesco

Wesco is one of the best, biggest, and most well established manufacturers of material handling equipment in America, and we are proud to supply their products to you. We are able to supply to supply the following Wesco products:

  • Battery Transfer Carts
  • Cargo Bars
  • Docks Lights
  • Fork Extensions
  • Maintenance Platforms
  • Pallet Pullers
  • Strapping Tricks and Tools
  • Strip Doors
  • Trailer Stabilizing Jacks
  • Wheels
  • Wire shelving and accessories

A set of Trailer Stabilizing Jacks is an excellent choice to use at your docking facility. These are items that help stabilize trailers for easy on-loading and off-loading. They have telescopic legs or other extendable items that allows them to be adapted for use in multiple situations.

We stock three types of Trailer Stabilizing Jacks as manufactured by Wesco – the TSJE, the TSHS, and the TSJHD.

  • TSJE (Trailer Stabilizing Jack – Economy)

This model is only suitable for lightweight tasks. It can be used to prevent the upending of trailers while they have been released from their mode of transportation. The jack has a static capacity of 50,000 lbs., and a lifting capacity of 5,000 lbs. It also has a service range of 44 to 51”. The jack is constructed using the finest kind of US-made steel.

  • TSJS (Trailer Stabilizing Jack – Standard)

This too is used to prevent trailers from tipping, but is much stronger that the TSJE model. It comes on wheels, and can be guided into position using twin metallic handles. It has double the static capacity of the TSJE at 100,000 lbs., but over eight times the lifting capacity of the cheaper, economy model, at 30,000 lbs. It has a service range of between 39.5”, and 51”.

  • TSJHD (Trailer Stabilizing Jack – Heavy Duty)

This is the model to go for if the heavy-duty factor is a real issue. It features high-strength steel construction, and has adjustable height for the leveling of trailers that have been parked on ground that is uneven. This item has a broad base, which is useful for preventing trailers from sinking into soft surfaces – ideal if the areas just outside of your loading docks are not in pristine condition. The TSJHD has a 100,000 lb.static lifting capacity, and a 50,000 lb.lifting capacity.

All models of trailer stabilizing jack as mentioned here and as manufactured by Wesco meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)requirements.

Save Money in the Long Run – Buy Wholesale From Our Team at Douglas Equipment

Douglas Equipment is not a retailer. We’re wholesalers. This means we don’t have to worry about overhead such as having a pristine, public-facing retail area, and employing staff to greet and work with single customers on a one-to-one basis. We’re supplying people who know exactly what they want and on a regular, mutually beneficial basis.

That’s why our wholesale products – including dock and shipping equipment, can be offered to you at cheaper prices than retailers, so you really do reap the benefits!

To see what we can offer to you, please contact a member of our sales support team. We’re here to work with you so you get precisely what you want when it comes to high quality material handling equipment.

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