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Hollow Kingpin Total Lock Models


  • Light duty totalock brake with matching swivel
  • Fully heat treated
  • Dual ball bearing raceways
  • Matching thread guards standard
  • Precision bearing wheels standard in neoprene and Vipor wheel models
  • 5/16" nut and bolt axle


  • Medical Equipment
  • Store Fixtures
  • Institutional Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Mobile carts
  • Furniture


  • Total Lock Brake Locks both wheels and swivel action simultaneously
  • Two position direction lock May be available as a special order
  • Black finish is available with the Vipor wheel for a minimum purchase
Wheel Diameter Thread With Finish Wheel Description Dynamic Load Mounting Height Swivel Radius Part Number Bearing Type
2" 15/16 Bright Chrome Neoprene 110 4" 4" PRT30406BC-NPR33(KK) Precision Ball
3" 15/16 Bright Chrome Vipor 120 4" 4" PRT30406BZ-VPR33(CK) Precision Ball
3" 15/16 Black TPR (Black) 110 4" 4" PRT30406BC-TPR03(KK) Precision Ball
3" 15/16 Bright Chrome TPR (Grey) 4" 4" PRT30406BC-TPR03(GG) Precision Ball

Brake Options

Total Lock Brake

Wheel Selection

Soft Neoprene Rubber 50-60A Durometer
Vipor 85-90A Durometer
TPR Black 40D Durometer
TPR Grey 40D Durometer


Bright Chrome
Zinc Plated