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Pilot Unhooded Twin Wheel Threaded Stem Models


  • Zinc die-cast body
  • Concealed axle


  • Seating
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Store Fixtures


  • Fasteners Stemless, threaded stem, grip ring stem, grip neck stem, plate
  • Urethane Wheel To order, insert [-U] at the end of thePart Number
Wheel Diameter Tread Material Finish Dynamic Load Mounting Height Swivel Radius Part Number
50mm Nylon Flat Black 75 2-1/2" 1-11/16" PPB50828FB PPB50525FB PPB50507FB PPB50639FB PPB50637FB PPB50605FB
50mm Urethane Flat Black 75 2-1/2" 1-11/16" PPB50828FB-U PPB50525FB-U PPB50507FB-U PPB50639FB-U PPB50637FB-U PPB50605FB-U
60mm Nylon Flat Black 100 2-7/8" 2-1/16" PPB60828FB PPB60525FB PPB60507FB PPB60639FB PPB60637FB PPB60605FB
60mm Urethane Flat Black 100 2-7/8" 2-1/16" PPB60828FB-U PPB60525FB-U PPB60507FB-U PPB60639FB-U PPB60637FB-U PPB60605FB-U

Wheel Selection