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Omega Grip Ring Grip Neck or Round Stem Models


  • Fully heat treated
  • Dual ball bearing raceways
  • High luster chrome or black finish
  • Matching thread guards
  • Precision ball bearing for excellent rollability
  • Choice of Vipor wheels (85-90A) or soft neoprene rubber (50-60A) durometer


  • Medical Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Seating


  • BrakeTread brake uniformly integrated into body design for smooth lock and ease of activation. Swivel radius is 3-1/8". Add -B at end of model
  • Bolt in Stems A variety of stems can be attached to the kingpinless fastening # 403 providing the ultimate in versatility. Contact us for bolt-in stem part numbers
  • Black finish is available with the Vipor wheel for a minimum purchase
Wheel Diameter Thread With Finish Wheel Description Dynamic Load Mounting Height Swivel Radius Part Number Bearing Type
2" 15/16 Bright Chrome Neoprene 75 2-3/4" 2" POM20223BC-NPR Precision Ball
3" 15/16 Bright Chrome Neoprene 110 3-7/8" 2-7/8" POM30302BC-NPR POM30419BC-NPR POM30242BC-NPR POM30222BC-NPR POM30223BC-NPR POM30211BC-NPR Precision Ball
3" 15/16 Black Neoprene 110 3-7/8" 2-7/8" POM30302BZ-NPR POM30419BZ-NPR POM30242BZ-NPR POM30222BZ-NPR POM30223BZ-NPR POM30211BZ-NPR Precision Ball
3" 15/16 Bright Chrome Vipor 120 3-7/8" 2-7/8" POM30302BC-VPR33(CK) POM30419BC-VPR33(CK) POM30242BC-VPR33(CK) POM30222BC-VPR33(CK) POM30223BC-VPR33(CK) POM30211BC-VPR33(CK) Precision Ball

Brake Options

Integral Tread Brake

Swivel radius for 2" changes to 2-1/2", for 3" changes to 3-1/8". Add - B to end of part number

Wheel Selection

Soft Neoprene Rubber


Bright Chrome