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White Grip Ring Stem Models


  • Sealed precision bearings in swivel and wheel provide quiet, effortless mobility
  • Soft (65A), non-marking MonoTech wheels reject debris and are excellent on both carpet and hard floors
  • Strong protective body conceals components for easy cleaning
  • Integrated thread guards protect wheels from entangling debris


  • Computer Carts
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Audio/Video Carts
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Seating
  • Medical Carts
  • Monitoring Equipment Stands
  • IV Poles


  • Brakes: Integrated Tread Brakes for all models, Total Lock Brakes by special order
  • Finishes:White, Grey, Black
  • Fastenings: Threaded Stems, Grip Rings, and Top Plates
Wheel Diameter Thread With Finish Wheel Description Dynamic Load Mounting Height Swivel Radius Part Number Bearing Type
3" 15/16 White Nylon Monotech 110 3-15/16" 2-15/16" PGE30223WH-MNT30(GG) PGE30211WH-MNT30(GG) Precision Ball

Brake Options

Integrated Tread Brake

Wheel Selection