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Rigid Top Plate Models


  • Heavy steel, dual ball raceway
  • Durable stamped- welded construction
  • 2-1/2" wide wheels for increased load handling
  • Heavy, staked kingpin
  • Sealed upper and lower ball races
  • Yellow dichromate finish for added corrosion resistance


  • Power Towed Application
  • High Abuse Applications
  • Rough floors


  • Swivel Lock 4 position swivel lock.
Wheel Diameter Thread With Wheel Description Dynamic Load Mounting Height Swivel Radius Part Number Bearing Type
5" 2" Urethane on Aluminum 1750 7-1/2" N/A CHR50158YZ-UOA81(BG) Sealed Roller
6" 2" Urethane on Aluminum 1750 9-1/2" N/A CHR60158YZ-UOA81(BG) Sealed Roller
8" 2" Urethane on Aluminum 1750 11-1/2" N/A CHR80158YZ-UOA81(BG) Sealed Roller

Wheel Selection

Urethane on Aluminum


Yellow dichromate Finish