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What is the Best Way to Order Replacement Furniture Casters?

What is the best way to order replacement furniture casters?Furniture casters may be found on home and office furnishings. Casters utilized on furniture are similar to heavy duty casters used in warehouses and industrial applications. Casters for furniture are often designed to swivel in a 360 degree circle for ease of movement of the furniture piece, as with industrial casters. However, casters for furniture generally include a decorative element that conceals the wheel mechanism, such as a half ball attached to the front of the device to conceal the wheel mechanism.

When replacement furniture casters are needed, the best way to order the replacement device is from a company that specializes in casters for furniture and other applications. Douglas Equipment manufactures casters of all types, from heavy duty models to decorative casters for furniture. Casters manufactured specifically for furniture generally have an antique, brass, bright chrome, satin chrome, flat black or other type of decorative finish.

Douglas Equipment makes ordering replacement casters for furniture simple and easy. Diagrams and measurements of replacement wheels and casters are provided online. Each type of caster is listed with the model’s weight capacity, load height, finish and swivel radius. Tread material is provided, along with the wheel diameter, fastening size and part number.

Plates, Threaded Stems and Ferrules

To order replacement furniture casters, first take note of the details of the caster that requires replacement. Note the finish and the way the caster connects to the furniture. Casters may connect with a plate or threaded stem, or they may connect with a ferrule. Plate and threaded stem casters are attached to the furniture leg with a simple screw that screws directly into the furniture leg or into a plate on the furniture leg. A ferrule is basically a cap connector that fits over the end of the furniture leg. Note the way the original caster connects to the furniture leg.

If the caster connects with a ferrule, measure the size of the ferrule. The “ferrule” is the part of the caster that attaches to the furniture leg by capping over the end of the leg. Ferrules may be circular or square. Measure the dimensions of the ferrule in inches and note the depth and the width of the ferrule. Measure the diameter of the caster wheel in millimeters. Note the finish of the original caster.

Visit the Douglas Equipment website at and click the “Furniture Casters” option on the top navigation menu. Select the type of caster from the dropdown menu. Options are “Baron,” “Light Duty,” “Twin Wheel” and “Ball Casters.” Locate the type and style of replacement caster that matches the original caster. Click the item to see the details page of the caster. The detail page will describe the dimensions of the replacement caster, and will list the finishes and options available for the replacement.

Verify the ferrule dimensions and the wheel diameter of the original caster and compare these measurements to those on the detail page of the replacement device. Verify the capacity for the replacement device. The capacity is expressed in pounds. The capacity indicates how much weight the furniture caster will support. Verify the load height of the replacement caster. When the desired caster is located, note the part number. Call Douglas Casters and Material Handling Equipment at 800-451-0300 with the part number to order the new casters.

For hotel, office and home furniture casters, Douglas Equipment carries Florida’s largest inventory of the highest quality casters. Visit our inventory to view our extensive selection of furniture and heavy duty casters for any application.