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How to Pick a Quality Caster Wheel Manufacturer

How to Pick a Quality Caster Wheel ManufacturerA good set of casters can make a difference in the functionality, efficiency and value of a piece of equipment or furniture. There are several factors to consider when choosing a quality caster   distributor.

Quality Is Important

Different caster distributors may have different types of material available in their selection of casters. Some types of materials may be offered because they are less expense. However, those less expensive materials may not always meet the needs of a particular piece of equipment.

Casters must be sturdy enough to support the load they will bear. Divide the total weight of the item by the number of casters   that will be used to support it. If the caster distributor   does not offer a caster strong enough to support that amount of weight, you will need to select a different company.

The type of material used in a caster is largely dependent on the floor where it will be used. Soft floors require hard wheels to gain enough traction for movement. Hard floors can be scratched or damaged by hard wheels and are better suited for urethane or cushion rubber   wheels. A distributor that does not offer these options may not be the best caster distributor for the job.

What about Guarantees?

Before making any purchase, research whether the caster manufacturer offers any guarantees. What if the caster does not support the weight it claimed? Will the manufacturer replace it? Or, are you stuck buying a new set yourself?

If a manufacturer actually believes in their own product, they will be willing to stand behind their claims and make things right when mistakes occur.

Do They Offer Helpful Customer Service?

In the process of purchasing casters, questions may arise. Choose a caster distributor that will be available to answer your questions. Helpful and friendly customer service representatives will make a purchasing experience much more enjoyable and manageable.

Also, look at what happens after the sale. Will the customer service still be available if there are problems or questions?

Investigate the Track Record

Do research by word of mouth or online sources to see what prior customers say about a particular caster distributor. One good or bad review is not necessarily a good indicator of what the company is like.

On the other hand, online review sites, the Better Business Bureau, blogs and other sites can all be combined to get a good overall picture of what prior customers think of a certain distributor. If a pattern seems to develop between different reviews, it might be worth considering.

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