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Hotel Transfer Racks with Swivel Caster

hotel transfer rackIt’s an experience that all too many hotel employees have had to endure: The deceivingly small piece of luggage that looks light as a feather, surprisingly weighing far more than predicted. This luggage, which typically needs to be taken to a room on a distant floor above the hotel’s lobby, quickly turns into a nightmare, and a workout. That is, of course, unless the hotel has invested in hotel transfer racks with swivel casters. These helpful racks turn any piece of luggage it something that can easily be transported all around the hotel, from the ground floor though the hotel’s elevators, and from those elevators to the guest’s room, with ease.

When choosing a quality hotel transfer rack, it’s important to choose one that not only blends in with the hotel’s decor and presentation, but also one that’s easily maneuverable in a large variety of situations. That’s where swivel casters, or even replacement casters, become quite important. With the right transfer rack, and the right casters, even the heaviest piece of luggage doesn’t have to be an intimidating, tiring journey that defies gravity the laws of physics.

Plenty of Different Hotel Transfer Racks to meet all Needs

Every hotel has a different aesthetics and a different ideal customer in mind. It usually conveys its message and its level of luxury through a few aesthetic cues, including the materials it uses throughout the lobby, the guest rooms, and even the transfer racks that help to transport luggage. Luckily, the best hotel equipment supply companies don’t force their clients in the hospitality industry to compromise their ideal image for a bit of convenience.

Our company offers a wide range of hotel transfer racks that come in a wide variety of finishes, with a wide variety of styles and accent colors. The classic red-and-gold model is, of course, one of the most popular items the company sells to its hotel clients. Even so, chrome-plated models are also available for more modern hotels, and a number of different carpeting options are available to complete the look. When combined with matching, highly durable swivel casters, these racks are as functional as they are fashionable.

Extending the Life of Existing Transfer Racks: Choose Replacement Casters

Of course, many hotels already have an entire fleet of hotel transfer racks that merely need replacement casters in order to stay on the job. The company’s wide selection of replacement swivel casters for hotel transfer racks allows it to help extend the life of existing hotel equipment, saving the hotel a significant amount of money in the process. With a number of different wheel sizes, styles, and finishes, there is no need to compromise looks when seeking to extend the life and viability of existing equipment.

We are a Leading Supplier of Hotel Equipment

With equipment that ranges from transfer racks to replacement casters and beyond, we combine our top-notch products with excellent customer service in order to remain a leading choice for hotel operators. Our company earns high marks from its hospitality clients and looks forward to offering a personal, professional experience to everyone it serves. Contact us for more information.