What Type of Caster do I need?

What Type of Caster do I needShopping for casters is no simple task, with a large number of sizes and varieties available to handle a wide range of uses. Casters find themselves most often in commercial and industrial environments, but also come in varieties that are designed specifically for medical businesses, homes, and offices. Some casters are even specially designed to blend perfectly into high-end hotel and boutique environments. With a product selection this large, it’s easy to be confused as to exactly which type of caster is the right one for any given task or environment.

With a few careful considerations, customers can easily pick the right caster for virtually any of their needs. With such a large and diverse selection of caster products, there is undoubtedly a perfect match for everyone.

Do You Require Heavy Duty Weight Limits and Handling?

A large number of customers require their caster to handle extremely heavy weight loads, sometimes in excess of 1,000 pounds. For those customers, there is simply no better caster than the traditional industrial variety, which comes in three segmented weight groups. Those weight groups are split into light, medium, and heavy-duty casters. Each grouping can handle different maximum weight limits, ranging from just 25 pounds to thousands of pounds at once.

These casters are most often used in industrial environments and warehouses, as well as other heavy-duty environments that might occasionally be encountered by those in the medical or educational fields. They come with a variety of wheel types and materials, as well, making them adaptable to any situation.

Does the Caster Have to Perform Well and Look Good, Too?

If the needed caster has to be both high-performance and aesthetically pleasing, it’s time to consider residential casters or those intended for hospitality customers. These casters are given special finishes and more pleasing designs, and they’re intended to be used in environments that are a bit more personal and dependent upon style.

These casters can still be purchased in a wide variety of materials and weight limits, though they typically do not support seriously heavy-duty loads that might be encountered most often by industrial customers.

Is the Caster Going to be Used on a Tough Surface?

Casters are most often used on smooth surfaces, like concrete and tile, but they can be put to use elsewhere with a bit of careful planning. If the caster is intended to be used on a carpeted surface, even with a low pile carpet, it should be purchased with a hard wheel made of either metal or hard rubber. For uneven surfaces, a softer wheel is more ideal. Customers should then pick a wheel made of a softer rubber material, or an alternative polyurethane material.

Douglas Equipment Can Answer Caster Questions

At Douglas Equipment, we’ve been helping our customers choose the right casters for several decades. We have the right combination of experience and great service for customers of all kinds. Let us know where the caster will be used, how it will be used, and what type of surface it will sit on. From there, we’ll be able to recommend the best caster, wheel, and weight capacity, for every need. Contact us today!