Top 3 Casters to Use on Slippery Floors

If there was only one type of caster, life would be a whole lot simpler. In fact, there are many, many different types of casters, and that’s because there are many different applications for them. Sure – they all do roughly the same job, but you wouldn’t want to use a furniture caster in a heavy industrial situation, would you? You could, but it’s unlikely that your casters would last very long!

One application for casters may be in an environment where the floors become slippery. This could be due to the damp, or the cold. Here we’ll look at the best three casters to use on slippery floors.

1.      Shepherd Casters Dual Wheel Swivel Tip Plate Total Lock Model

At Douglas Equipment, we are proud to be able to supply casters manufactured in the USA by Shepherd Casters. They are one of the biggest suppliers of casters in the US, if not the world, and it’s a position they have largely held since the 1970s, although they are now part of the Colson Casters family.

For slippery floors, you need a little extra level of control, which is why we recommend the multi-purpose dual wheel swivel top plate total lock model as manufactured by Shepherd. The dual-wheel set up will give you that essential extra level of control, which is essential if you are working in environments where slippage can be an issue.


This caster has a low profile, and promotes both easy swiveling and smooth rolling. It comes in a durable zinc-plated finish, and with non-marking TPR (thermoplastic rubber) tread. Complete with integrated thread guards, this caster has a dual ball bearing raceway and also has precision bearings in its wheels.

The dual wheel swivel top plate total lock model will definitely never let you down, no matter the application or environment. It is particular useful for patient lifts, medical equipment and computer equipment.

2.      Colson 6 Series Enforcer

We mentioned Colson Casters briefly above, as they are now the number one caster supply company on the planet. You really cannot go wrong with any of Colson’s products, and this company has been in business since 1885. Colson offers over 20,000 different caster combinations aimed at getting you the right type of caster precisely for your business needs.

When it comes to slippery floors, we genuinely recommend their 6 Series Enforcer Range. There are many items in this range and we suggest that models with a rubber tread will be best suited to your needs if you are looking for casters that will help prevent slippage.


With the 6 Series Enforcer range you get a kingpinless design in a zinc-plated finish that is both attractive and durable. The lack of a kingpin means the swivel section is eliminated, which in turn reduces the issue of the failure of the kingpin due to shock and the kingpin stretching.

This caster comes with a single ball hardened and encased raceway, with a quarter inch leg thickness and half an inch hollow axle with grease zerk and a lock nut. For roller bearing models a plastic seal/retaining washer is supplied as part of the assembly. For easy rolling this caster has grease fittings at both the wheel bearing and swivel raceway, and comes complete with Colson’s unique multi-temperature grease lubrication, which makes this caster adept in both extremely hot and cold environments.

This caster also comes with optional tread locks and thread guards.

3.      Blickle B-Path

Despite the USA being home to the majority of the best caster manufacturers in the world, and despite Douglas Equipment being based in Miami, we do not only supply casters from US based companies. We believe that to give our customers the best choice, we need to supply them with the very best caster manufacturers all across the globe.

That’s why we are happy to be able to supply products from Blickle, a company that first came to prominence in Germany and now has a strong position as a worldwide supplier of expertly-manufactured casters.

For slippery floors, the team at Douglas Equipment recommends any product from Bickle’s B-Path line. These are straightforward, basic casters which will get the job done all with a very attractive price tag. These casters have very good rolling resistance, low operating noises levels and will not damage your floor surfaces.


This caster is constructed from pressed steel and is a fixed caster with a top plate fitting. The wheel is constructed from nylon, with a thermoplastic polyurethane tread. The bracket consists of a bolted wheel axle and it zinc-played.

The wheel tread is such that not only will this caster grip well on slippery floors, it is also resistant to abrasions, and is chemically-bonded to the nylon center to prevent separation.

The entire B-Path range supplied by Bickle will give you multiple options so you can select precisely the type of caster that works best for you. Bickle’s casters can also be supplied with brakes and thread guards to help prolong their working lifespan.

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You may think that a caster is a caster – well, you could hardly be more wrong. There are so many different types of casters and so many possible configurations that it’s impossible to estimate how many different types of caster are actually possible. For those not ‘in the caster know’ this may initially seem like something of a caster nightmare.

You’ll therefore be overjoyed to hear that help is never very far away. To solve your caster woes, all you have to do is get in contact with the team here at Douglas Equipment. Just explain a little bit about your situation, and what problems you are seeking to solve, and we will do the rest.

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