Rhombus Caster Supplier in the Southeast

RHOMBUS Caster Supplier in the SoutheastIn its nearly 60 years in business, Douglas Equipment has formed successful relationships with preeminent caster manufacturers worldwide with the goal of bringing you the highest quality products available. In this quest to offer only the best, Douglas Equipment is proud to be the Southeast’s regional supplier for RHOMBUS casters.


Founded in Germany in 1899, RHOMBUS is Europe’s oldest manufacturer of casters and wheels. The company began as a manufacturer of piano wheels and casters and by the 1930’s had grown into developing their products for other material handling applications in a wide variety of capacities, from furniture and medical to heavy industrial.

By the 1950s, RHOMBUS had become a recognized leader in the industry and earned a global reputation for innovation and top quality. They have won the Red Dot Design Award for their 399 series, a medical caster that utilizes a unique design. The company has implemented Total Quality Management to meet stringent DIN/ISO EN 9001 standards, which has been certified by DQS (German Registrar for Management Systems). This level of commitment to continuous improvement, coupled with the expertise gained over 100-plus years of experience, are your assurance that RHOMBUS casters and wheels will exceed your expectations.

RHOMBUS has recently joined the Colson Group, one of the world’s largest caster manufacturers, further extending the RHOMBUS brand’s global reach and strengthening the company’s ability to innovate and excel. Colson is one of Douglas Equipment’s key partners and we are very pleased that this relationship has enabled us to make RHOMBUS casters and wheels available to our customers. Here are just a few of the products in RHOMBUS’s industrial line that Douglas Equipment carries:

TFH (fixed mount) and TSH (swivel) Series

These heavy-duty casters pack a lot of load capacity in a single nylon wheel (some models with polyurethane tires), ranging from 340 to 1,400 kilograms. Both series feature heavy welded steel construction, and the TSH houses a swivel with a signature turntable design. The TSH F models come equipped with a front-mounted total brake. With wheel diameters ranging from 100 to 300 millimeters, this series performs impeccably with the following:

  • Fork lifts and fork lift trucks
  • Containers
  • Lift tables
  • Machine constructions
  • Containers

2FH (fixed) and 2SH (swivel) Series

This dual-wheel caster is one of the heaviest duty series in RHOMBUS’s product line. Available with nylon or polyurethane wheels, this caster’s welded steel housing and precision ball bearings handle loads from 720 to 1500 kilograms with the added strength and stability the two side-by-side wheels provide. The 2SH’s precision ball bearing provides a smooth swivel under even the heaviest loads. The 2SH W variant adds a locking brake to this rugged caster. This series is ideal for the same applications as the TFH/TSH series, but on the heavier side.

394 Series

This caster is part of RHOMBUS’s stainless steel series, and it is indispensable in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount including laboratories, medical facilities, and food processing and service establishments.

The housing and ball bearings are made entirely of stainless steel for easy sanitation and long service life. There are two models: the 394a, a swivel caster, and the 394h, a swivel caster equipped with a rear-mounted total brake. Both models rate at a 100-kilogram capacity and feature a swivel bearing with a double ball race.

This caster is corrosion free and resistant to fuels, oils, and vegetable and animal fats. These properties make the 394 series an excellent choice for material handling in the food, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

357 Series

These versatile casters, which RHOMBUS calls their “apparatus casters,” come in as many models and sizes as they have applications. This series includes:

  • 357a swivel caster
  • 357h swivel caster with rear-mounted total brake
  • 357r swivel caster with rear-mounted directional brake

This zinc passivated sheet steel caster features a swivel bearing with a double ball race. With over a hundred different models in the series handling capacities from 80 to 120 kilograms, it’s no wonder the 357s have so many applications:

  • Hospital beds
  • Cleaning machines
  • Computer equipment
  • Display stands
  • Dustbins
  • File carts
  • Food transport
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Laundry carts
  • Medical equipment
  • Newspaper dispensers
  • Sales stands
  • Shop carts
  • Sports equipment
  • Tripods
  • Vacuums

399 Series

This innovative ring-style medical caster has won acclaim for its design from the German Design Council, which nominated it for the Red Dot Design Award and named it the winner in 2006. This corrosion-free series was designed specifically for medical applications, and as such, it is very easy to sanitize and is recommended for use in disinfection treatment areas.

Under its high-polish plastic cover is a die-cast aluminum load-bearing housing with precision ball bearings in the fork head. It’s available as a swivel caster with a central brake (model 399q) or with a directional brake (399r). It has a smooth selection function with a permanently lubricated switch mechanism. With load capacity up to 150 kilograms, this caster excels at the movement challenges of hospital beds, medical appliances, and operating-room tables.

441/439a Series

RHOMBUS calls the casters in this series “transport appliance casters,” designed to meet the growing global demands for logistics and transport solutions. This caster offers superior maneuverability thanks to its easy-running double ball bearing and solid sheet steel design. There are well over a hundred models to choose from in this series, capable of handling loads from 50 to 350 kilograms. The series comprises the 441a swivel caster, the 441h swivel caster with rear-mounted total brake, and 439a fixed caster. They can be fitted with total locks and can accommodate a wide selection of wheels to meet your application’s requirements. RHOMBUS recommends this series for transport containers, tool trolleys, and waste containers.

The Power of Motion

RHOMBUS’s slogan is “The Power of Motion,” and as the largest provider of casters and materials handling equipment in South Florida since 1955, as well as the Southeast distributor for RHOMBUS, Douglas Equipment can help you harness this power with RHOMBUS casters or any of our other fine products. Let us use our decades of expertise to help you decide which casters will best suit your needs. Contact us with any of your questions or for help with the selection process.