Miami’s #1 Distributor of Blickle Casters

Miami’s #1 Distributor of Blickle CastersHere at Douglas Equipment, we pride ourselves in being able to supply our valued customers with some of the best items of material handling equipment available anywhere, and from all the world’s leading manufacturers. We stock all types of items designed to increase the versatility of your production floor or warehouse facility. We can supply everything you need, from industrial-sized drum rollers to tiny ball bearings!

We are Miami’s number one supplier and distributor of casters from a wide array of manufacturers. One of the main companies that we supply from is one of the global leaders in caster manufacturer – Blickle, based in Newnan, Georgia.

Blickle … ALittle Bit of History

Blickle, a German-based company has been in business since 1953. A man named Wilhelm Sülzle had been running a hardware store for several years when he started thinking about the future longevity of his business. He decided to divide the company between his two sons and his son-in-law, one Heinrich Blickle.

The newly formedBlickle company’s original mission was to make iron wheels for wheelbarrows, but under Heinrich’s ambitious leadership they swiftly expanded and began to manufacture high-quality wheels and both fixed and swivel casters.

Sadly, Heinrich unexpectedly died in 1961, but the company passed on to his wife Denise and business partner Walter Wager. The company continued to progress and quickly became one of the biggest manufacturers of casters in the world.

Today, Blickle has a truly global presence, with sixteen sales subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The company also has trade agreements with over 100 different companies, meaning their products are truly available on a global scale. Despite this expansion, Blickle remains very much a family-run company. Walter Wager is still in charge, now in partnership with founder Heinrich and Denise’s son, Reinhold.

Blickle … Top Quality Products You Can Always Count On

At Douglas Equipment, we pride ourselves in only stocking items manufactured by the very best companies in the business, and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to supply casters made by Blickle.

No matter your particular application or need, there’s bound to be a Blickle caster for you. Blickle offers a variety of types and sizes of casters including:

  • Light duty casters
  • Synthetic casters
  • Rubber casters
  • Pneumatic casters
  • Super-elastic casters
  • Polyurethane casters
  • Nylon casters
  • Polypropylene casters
  • Cast iron casters
  • Steel casters
  • Flanged casters
  • Stainless steel casters
  • Heat-resistant casters
  • Spring-loaded casters

Blickle … Manufacturing Over Fifteen Million Casters and Wheels on an Annual Basis

Not only does Blickle design and produce their own components, they assemble them in-house as well, via their fully-automated, high-quality, high-precision automated housing and wheel assembly system. By having a fully-automated production process, Blickle is able to keep their labor costs low, resulting in lower retail prices for their many clients, especially if you are willing to buy in bulk at wholesale prices.

Blickle’s main production facility is back where it all started for this high-powered global company – in Rosenfeld, Germany. This massive production facility covers almost 60,000 square yards of floor space, and this space is put to good use to produce over 15 million casters and wheels on an annual basis. That works out to over 60,000 products each day!

Despite these mind-blowing numbers, Blickle has always remembered its humble, family-orientated roots. To this end, the company is perfectly willing to mix up its automation production with customer-targeted manual labor to provide small batches when necessary.

Blickle also now owns production facilities in France, Finland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, as well as having sales associates in Austria, Belgium, Canada, the UK, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and of course, Douglas Equipment in the United States.

Blickle. The Pioneers of Endless Variety for Casters and Wheels

When you inquire about Blickle casters, we will be happy to educate you on the multitude choices available to you. Mounting your casters is of course very important, which is why with Blickle’s range of products you get the choice of bare wheels, swivel casters, fixed casters, press-on bands, top plate casters, bolt hole casters, stem casters, expander casters and casters with plug-in pins.

Of course it’s not just how your casters are mounted that’s important. The material used is also crucial when it comes to the effort to start motion, plus the rolling resistance, maneuverability, resilience and the amount of operating noise.

With the wide array of products from Blickle, you really have all your bases covered. If you’re looking for soft casters, then we can supply casters with wheels made from pneumatic and semi-pneumatic tires, soft rubber or elastic solid rubber. Of course the rule is that the softer the caster, the louder the operating noise. If you’re looking for a quiet operation, then go for steel, cast iron, nylon, polypropylene or phenolic resin wheels.

It is possible to get a little bit of the best of both worlds with Blickle’s casters – simply select solid rubber or silicone rubber as your caster material wheel of choice for a caster that is extremely versatile.

For extra levels of reliability, control and maneuverability you can even select the type of plate mounting you require, including the application of wheel and swivel head brakes. These will lock the rolling and swivel motion of your casters so you can keep your items under control at all times. We can also supply you with foot guards to prevent your employees from possibly suffering injuries.

Douglas Equipment and Blickle, a Match Made in Caster Heaven!

There’s no doubt that Blickle can be viewed as one of the global leaders in caster manufacturing, and Douglas Equipment is proud to be able to offer to you many of their superb products. For more information about the Blickle made casters that we can provide, call our team at 1-800-451-0030, or contact us via our online form.