Make Your Personal Workshop Mobile With Casters from Shepherd

Make Your Personal Workshop Mobile With Casters from ShepherdUnless you have a large shop with very little equipment, you’ll find it easier to work in an area where you can move around easily. This is where making your equipment and work surfaces mobile with the right casters can turn an ordinary small workshop into a highly productive work area with easy access to the tools you need.

Shepherd has been a leading supplier of casters for over 55 years, and in this time they have developed many casters that can easily satisfy the needs of making a personal workshop mobile and efficient. Whether you want swivel or fixed casters, brakes or no brakes, Shepherd makes a caster that will suit your needs. The team at Douglas Equipment is here to help you find the right models for the unique task you have.

What to Consider With Workshop Casters

One thing to consider in all applications is how you will stop your equipment from moving when you are using it. Being able to move equipment around is great, but you want it to stay motionless when in use. For this reason you will want to consider locking mechanisms to hold your casters when you use your equipment or tool chests.

Another consideration is how far you want to move each piece of equipment. If you want to pull a tool like a router table straight out from the wall, then return it straight back when finished you might want to weigh the benefits of a rigid caster over a swivel caster which will allow you to maneuver the equipment around more fully.

Here are a few considerations on what you might want to use casters for in your personal workshop to improve efficiency and make your work easier:

Lighter Duty Casters for Smaller Equipment or Worktables

In a personal workshop you will likely have some smaller equipment that you use, and being able to move this against the wall when you don’t need it is helpful. This will include equipment like router tables, small worktables, upright sanders or portable vacuum equipment. Even more helpful is when you can easily pull these items out for use and have full access around them when you need it. For these applications smaller casters like these are a great addition:

  • Bassick 00 Series: These casters incorporate a dual ball bearing raceway with a high load capacity but a sleek, low profile, stylish design and a smooth and dependable swivel. They are ideal for smaller equipment or machines like small sanders or router tables. They can even include a side lock brake if you wish. Wheel materials include soft rubber, thermoplastic rubber, hard rubber, polyolefin and polyolefin log. Wheel diameter is 2” and has a capacity of 300 pounds per casters. They are available in top plate or stem attachment models.
  • BDS/BDR Series: These sleek, low profile designs have an easy pivoting action with dual ball raceways protected by a dust cap that makes them ideal for workshops. These are also ideal for small equipment with wheel types of neoprene and glass filled precision bearing nylon. Wheels come in 2” and 2 ½” models with capacities of 300 pounds or 400 pounds. Models can be either rigid or swivel and include top plate or stem attachments.

Heavier Duty Casters for Larger Equipment

A more rugged caster is often needed for bigger equipment that is heavier and harder to move. This might include such items as a heavy table saw, lathe, large drill press or large band saw. For these items you want casters and wheels that can take the weight and abuse that a larger machine will create. It is easy to see why these models are sufficient for moving large equipment and include locks to hold the equipment when you need it.

  • Honcho AS-AR Swivel Top Plate Models: These Shepherd casters include models that are great for hard concrete floors. Wheel diameters available are 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”, with wheel materials that include polyolefin, phenolic, steel, solid Urethane, reinforced thermoplastic as well as hard or soft rubber. The dynamic loads that can be carried range from 450 pounds to 1250 pounds depending on the wheel material.
  • Shepherd Bassick Honcho OS/OR Series: This heavy-duty caster is built to take a lot of abuse and carry a lot of weight while remaining strong and dependable. Designed for power-towed applications, terminal trucks, or other heavy, abusive applications, they can easily move your heavy equipment. Wheel material options include urethane on aluminum or steel, and come in wheel diameters of 5”, 6” and 8”. Caster capacities range from 1500 pounds to 1750 pound for the larger loads you need to move.

Contact us today for help choosing the Shepherd casters that will best serve the needs of your personal workshop.