Heavy Duty Top Plate Swivel Casters for Sale

Heavy Duty Top Plate Swivel Casters for SaleMobility In Many Directions

In today’s fast paced world it seems as though we are constantly being asked to move faster and with more efficiency. In many different industries, importance is being placed on how fast the job can get done and in what ways the processes can be sped up to accommodate an ever increasing demand for services and goods. With that in mind, there are small things that can be done to increase the speed in small every day actions that can then have a larger effect on the overall workplace efficiency. One small thing that can be done is the addition of casters to items that would be more useful if they were mobile. Additionally, it can be very helpful if the item is not only made mobile, but if the item is made to be able to handle multiple directions. This can be made possible by the addition of swivel casters.

Multiple Design Options

Due to the technological advances of construction and design, today there are many different types of casters available. And even within the subcategory of  swivel casters, there are multiple designs available. However, one of the most useful and practical designs is the top plate swivel caster. The top plate allows for the caster to be easily attached to items that may not have a specific place already designed for caster attachment. This allows pieces that otherwise would not be mobile to be made mobile. With this option, the possibilities of mobility are greatly expanded.

What is the Best Attachment Method For the Job?

Another thing to consider, is that although the top plate attachment option may be what you need there are also other options available that may be better suited. For example, if you are looking for replacement casters it is sometimes easier to assume that the type of caster that has been in use is the same type that you need going forward. However, it would be advantageous to carefully reconsider. Possibly the original casters were not actually the best suited, maybe there are new option available, or maybe the exact conditions of the job have changed, making a different choice more suitable. Keeping this in mind, some of the other attachment options include: top plate, kingpinless top plate, threaded stem, stainless steel, expanding adapter stem, square stem, grip ring stem, pipe thread stem, and modular stem. Some options can swivel and some do not, so depending on the job at hand, a different option may actually be better suited. This is just one area to consider when it comes to making the best choice.

Other Options to Consider

After looking at all the available options you may determine that the top plate swivel is the best suited, even so there are still many other specific options to consider. For example there are a variety of wheel options different materials and different tread sizes that can further specialize the caster design to better suit your needs. Some of the available wheel material options and shapes include: Perfoma flat tread, Performa conductive, Performa round, polyolefin, Polyurethane HI_TECH, Phenolic, Cast Iron, Maxim, Thermo, Moldon Rubber, Polyurethane Iron, Polyurethane Aluminum, Forged Steel, V-groove. Each of the different wheel material and shapes offer specific qualities that are better suited for specific workplace environments and conditions. For example harder wheel materials are able to move smoothly over certain types of terrain and not over other types of terrain. Certain wheel types give a certain aesthetic appearance that others do not. These are just some of the things to consider when looking at this one option.

Beginning the Process of Deciding

Therefore, when trying to determine the best option of the kinds of casters available it is very important to try and figure out the exact working conditions in which the casters are being asked to perform. To do this it is best to ask multiple questions to fine-tune the answer. For example, some of the questions that can be asked may include: What is the item that needs to be made mobile? How far does it need to travel on a regular basis? Over what type of terrain does it need to go? Is the floor type smooth or bumpy? Even with smooth floors there are different varieties. For example, is it tile with grooved grout lines, or is it marble? Will the item need to go outside and endure outdoor weather conditions? Or will the item need to be able to go back and forth between inside and outside? Is it something that needs to be both mobile and stationary, thereby requiring the addition of brakes? What type of load will it carry? Is the load unusually heavy or unequally situated, therefore causing balance to be an issue to consider? Is the load fragile and will require a smoother ride to protect it? These questions are just the beginning and can offer a starting point of more questions that can be asked to determine the exact type of caster that is best suited for you and your job application in combination with the work conditions.

Best Prices, Service and Selection

No matter what type of job you are trying to accomplish, if you are in need of casters, it is important to go to a supplier that can be trusted to have not only the best knowledge of the products but also the best selection to choose from. Located in South Florida, with nearly sixty years of experience in the business of keeping people and businesses mobile, Douglas Equipment is your go to source for all of your caster needs. We understand the demands of the industry and we also understand how important the element of time is to those people working in the industry. That is why we strive to have the most knowledgeable and courteous customer service, partnered with the best prices and largest in stock selection.

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