Heavy Duty Shepherd Casters for Concrete Floors

Wholesale Heavy Duty Kingpinless Top Plate CastersSelling casters since 1955, Douglas Equipment has been the largest provider of casters and material handling equipment in South Florida for quite some time.  We are an experienced firm that offers exceptional service and guidance in selecting the caster that’s right for your handling needs.  We know our products backwards and forwards and offer a wide variety of them for virtually every industry out there.  Plus, we sell these casters and equipment at a price that the competition can’t beat.  No job is too large or too small for our products, and we don’t just sell to businesses.  All our casters are available to individuals for home use if necessary.

While it’s hard to believe it, concrete floor can be damaged just like more fragile flooring surfaces like marble.  Hardened or smooth concrete can mitigate some of the risks that could occur to untreated concrete, but, hard wheels can still damage concrete, treated or not.  It’s vitally important when purchasing a heavy duty caster for use on concrete flooring that you use softer wheels like rubber or polyurethane.  We sell a number of shepherd casters that will give you exactly what you need regardless of the capacity.  Below is just a very small selection of shepherd casters that will work on concrete floors without damaging the flooring.


The Monarch series is one of our light duty casters.  This means that this caster is for lower capacities.  In this instance, a Monarch caster has a capacity range of 80 to 90 lbs. for the two inch wheel diameter version and a capacity range of 110 to 120 lbs. for the three inch wheel diameter version.  For concrete flooring, you would want to pick the soft rubber, hard rubber, TPR (thermoplastic rubber), polyurethane, or polyolefin options.  The weight of whatever object pushes down on the caster wheel is why you should avoid using metal.  A metal wheel can embed its rim into the concrete without you even knowing.  The resulting damage would be hard to repair.

The Monarch caster also has three basic versions:  a threaded stem model, grip ring and grip neck models, as well as a swivel top plate model.  For the maximum mobility, a swivel top plate model is the best option, but if you decide that mobility is not your top priority then the threaded stem or grip models may be what you are looking for.  The threaded stem model is typically thought to be a more permanent way of affixing the caster to the equipment, whereas the grip ring and grip neck models can be detached from the equipment much more quickly.

These differences allow you the option to move equipment regardless of whether it is moving often or only occasionally.  And should you wish to make sure your caster mounted equipment does not move at all, our 2 and 2 ½ inch wheel diameter versions have an optional brake that may be purchased.

This is one of our finer light duty casters.  However, we also offer a wide variety of casters for heavier loads.  The following two types of casters are perfect for industrial applications with heavy weight capacities.

Diamond Series

The Diamond series caster is one of our medium to heavy duty casters.  It’s great for hand trucks, warehouse trucks, shop carts, and floor trucks.  Depending on wheel diameter (4 inches to 8 inches), you can safely transport items ranging from 350 lbs. to 1, 250 lbs.  For concrete flooring, rubber, TPR, polyurethane, and polyolefin wheel options will prevent accidental damage to the concrete via the caster.  This caster comes in a swivel top plate or a rigid top plate model thereby allowing the user to have greater mobility or stability depending on preference.  There are grease zerks on both the wheel bearing and the swivel raceway.  Douglas has designed this in order to extend caster life and prevent unnecessary damage.  The legs of the caster are fully welded to both the inside and the outside of the ball cup to maintain stability through a solid construction.

Additionally, we have developed an innovative two piece internal brake for the caster to prevent accidental movement.  The grip is a thermoplastic brake grip with the brake arm protected by a fork.  It also has a large lever for quick and easy activation.

ES/ER Series

This is one of our heavy duty casters and was designed to take a lot of abuse and shock from loading.  It’s designed for heavier applications like warehouse and freight terminal trucks.  Depending on wheel diameter (five, six, or eight inches), the caster has a capacity ranging from 600 lbs. to 1500 lbs.  We offer a hard rubber wheel option for the lower capacities and phenolic wheels for the high capacities.  A phenolic wheel is made from fiber filled plastic resin and is designed to not mark floors under heavy loads.  This is an ideal choice should you have concerns about your concrete flooring.

To ensure safety and keep loads locked into position, we have created a total lock brake that locks both the wheel and the swivel.  If you decide you do not need a swivel plate for your caster, we have also designed and sell a rigid top plate.

Regardless, you’ll have a caster with a single piece leg construction, a heavy duty kingpin, and a large diameter raceway.  This provides greater protection from damage and ensures operation in very harsh conditions.

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