Custom Casters for Services and Equipment Companies

Custom Casters for Services and Equipment Companies Paying Attention to Details

Anyone in the services and equipment business knows the importance of service. To serve others and ensure their satisfaction is not an easy business. It requires patience and attention to detail. If your business is one that is centered on doing an efficient job while maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction, then many things that are often overlooked could be the key things that help to improve customer satisfaction.

Always on the Move

Many service and equipment companies are always on the move. And it is not just the personnel and employees that are always on the move, but also the equipment used to do business. There are many things that are constantly being moved, carts, racks, shelves, furniture, and various types of equipment. These items all serve different purposes and accomplish different jobs; therefore the mechanism that allows them to be mobile should be specific to the job. Making this determination requires some forethought and precise decision-making.

Knowing the Right Questions to Ask

There are many questions to ask regarding the type of work to be performed and the specific needs of the circumstance that need to be met. First, what is the job that needs to be accomplished? After this initial all-important question begins the determination of the important details that can aid in choosing the right equipment and casters for the job. Most likely, if casters are being considered, then something needs to be moved. What needs to be moved? Is it heavy or oddly shaped? How will the weight of the item be distributed? Does it require special attention? Is it fragile? Where will it be moved? How will it be moved? Is it required to pass over indoor and outdoor terrain? What type of terrain will it be going over? Will it be a relatively smooth surface? Or will it be a bumpy or rough surface?

Although these seem to be simple questions, these questions and others can help to determine the best tools for the job. It is very important to consider all aspects of the job to be performed so that the best match can be made. Matching the proper equipment and accessories to the job ensures that the equipment used will be used in a manner in which it was designed to be used and will ensure that the job performed will be accomplished with more speed and efficiency. It also helps to ensure that the equipment and accessories will be receiving the appropriate wear and tear that it is designed for and this in turn helps to ensure that replacements and repairs will not have to be acquired early.

The Next Set of Questions

After determining the answers to some of these questions it is then time to consider the many different caster options available. With this consideration comes another set of questions. Casters come in all shapes, sizes and designs. The wide variety makes it possible to find just the right caster for the job, but it can also make it difficult to assess what the best is when there are so many options. Therefore, the additional questions that need to be asked can help make this determination. How will the caster be attached to the piece of equipment that will be doing the moving? This will determine the type of stem or attachment plate that is needed. Some of the attachment options available include: top plate, threaded stem, stainless steel, expanding adapter stem, square stem, grip ring stem, pipe thread stem, modular stem, top plate swivel, and the kingpinless top plate.

Because the rolling wheels of the casters are available in many different materials is then necessary to determine what the best type of wheel material is to handle the job that needs to be accomplished. Certain materials perform better on hard floors and some perform better on soft floors. Some wheels are designed specifically to traverse rough terrain while protecting the load being moved. Some wheels are designed specifically to glide over surfaces almost noiselessly. Some available options of wheel materials include performa, performa conductive, polyolefin, polyurethane Hi-Tech, phenolic, cast iron, maxim, and thermo. Additionally the wheels come in different sizes and may have different tread choices to further customize the choice. Also, the material of the wheel, the structural part of the caster is available in different materials and colors. This allows for the look of the caster to be customized if it will be used in an area of business in which visual appearance is key to making a good impression. These small details can make a large difference in how a caster looks and functions, thereby increasing the specificity of your companies’ work.

The Ultimate Goal

Ultimately the goal of matching the best caster to the job at hand is to ensure that you can accomplish your work to the best of your ability. This allows you and your business to best serve your customers. By serving your customers well you ensure that you will have a high customer satisfaction rate, and in a line of business that centers on service, this is vital. Although your customers may not take notice of the attention you have paid to the small details, they will recognize your ability to do your work efficiently, and they will appreciate your desire to serve them better.

We Understand

At Douglas Equipment we understand the importance of service. We have strived for our nearly sixty years in business to maintain the highest standards of customer service, product knowledge and inventory availability. Our experience helps us to understand your possible needs and help you to better articulate them so that we can provide you with the best equipment and accessories possible for your business. Please contact us today Toll-free at 1-800-451-0030, locally at 305-888-3700, or by faxing us at 305-883-9563. You can also reach us electronically through the Contact Us section on our website. We look forward to serving you.