Best Prices on 3 Swivel Casters and Wheels

Best Prices on 3 Swivel Casters and WheelsSmall but Important

Many important things come in small packages, An often-overlooked item that plays an important role in many different types of businesses is the caster. Casters are available in many different sizes, materials, designs and models. They can be tailored to specific conditions to be suitable for any type of work and business environment. They are a small item that keeps much of the world on the go in today’s fast paced world.

The Basics

The basic options are available in light, medium and heavy categories. This designation refers not to the casters actual weight, but to the weight load capacity that each caster can carry. The different categories of casters are designed to carry differing weight loads ranging from 75 pounds each to 8000 pounds each. So it is easy to see why it is important to understand how much weight each caster can carry when choosing the correct one. If too much weight is put on a caster early wear and tear can cause it to be broken down before its time. This can be a costly problem for your business. This is but one example of the different characteristic of a caster that can be matched so that the job can be accomplished in such a way that will make the job easier and will also help to increase speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness in your workplace.

Materials that Make A Difference

One of the other characteristics to consider when choosing the best type of caster for the job at hand is the material of the actual wheel that makes the caster mobile. Some of the possible material options that are available include: Performa Rubber with flat tread, Polyolefin, Hi-tech Polyurethane, Cushion Rubber, and Hard Rubber, Performa Rubber with flat tread, Performa Rubber with round tread, Performa Conductive Flat, Performa Conductive Round, Polyolefin, Maxim, Hi-Temp Thermo, Polyurethane Hi-Tech, Phenolic, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel. The different wheel material type is important because of the type of floor terrain the casters will be moved over. For example a harder wheel material can be more durable, but it can also make more noise. However, a softer wheel can offer a quieter, more shock-absorbent quality. Depending on the job that needs to be accomplished and the work conditions that need to be considered one type may be better suited than another. For example, it is very important that sound levels be kept low in some environments, such as doctors’ offices and hospitals. However, other work environments may have very moist conditions or conditions in which the caster wheel may come in contact with hazardous materials, and therefore, a stainless steel option may be better suited duet to both the durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

How Will it Stay Attached?

Another characteristic to consider when choosing the best type of caster is the attachment mechanism. There are many options to consider including: top plate, threaded stem, stainless steel, expanding adapter stem, square stem, grip ring stem, pipe thread stem, modular stem, top plate swivel, and the kingpinless top plate. Each different type of attachment offers different abilities and characteristics of how the caster interacts with the item it is attached to and the floor. Some pieces of equipment or furniture, due to their design may require a certain type of attachment mechanism to maintain a certain aesthetic look. One important thing to consider when choosing the attachment mechanism is the amount of mobility that you will want the caster to have. Best Prices on 3 Swivel Casters and Wheels 2

Mobile Mobility

Swivel casters allow for an even greater mobility than casters that are connected in a more stationary manner. They allow for not only the equipment to be made mobile, but they also allow for the caster to be mobile more independently of the equipment. This can allow for easier maneuverability of the equipment, allowing for the item to be moved in smaller, tighter spaces. This aspect may be an important characteristic that would be very useful and needed in some workplaces.

How to Make the Right Choice

Some of the first questions that you can ask about the job to help determine the best caster to choose, include: What is the exact job that is to be performed? What is being moved? And how far is it being moved? What type of flooring is it going to be traveling on? Is the floor smooth? Is the floor bumpy? Is the floor slanted? Is there a possibility of the workplace having hazardous chemical, liquids or materials present? How often does the item need to be moved? Who will have access to the equipment and be required to do the moving? Does the item need to be able to be made stationary at some points during use, therefore requiring brakes? Is the item that needs to be made mobile unusually heavy? Is it oddly shaped or fragile? How about the business environment, do aesthetics play an important role requiring more attention to the metal finish of the caster? These are just a few of the initial questions that can be asked and answered to help determine the best casters for the job.

A Trusted Source

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