Albion Casters: Top of the Line Heavy Duty Casters

Albion Casters: Top of the Line Heavy Duty CastersWhatever the size of the material handling tasks in your work environment – from food processing to heavy industry – if you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the casters supporting your loads are the product of decades of innovation and an unmatched reputation for reliability, look no further than Albion.

Douglas Equipment is proud to offer Albion Casters’ line of superior heavy-duty casters for a wide array of industry applications. Founded in 1947, Albion has emerged as a leader in the caster industry by custom-engineering solutions to material handling challenges while adhering to the highest quality standards set forth by the Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They achieve this while also maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability in everything they do. One of Albion’s top priorities is ensuring the products they manufacture produce less solid and energy waste, are recyclable, reduce the amount of hazardous materials used in production, and meet rigorous sanitation requirements. You can purchase Albion casters with the confidence that you are buying a top-quality, responsibly crafted product.

How Can Albion’s Heavy-Duty Casters Be Used?

Albion’s heavy-duty line of casters are designed to meet the demands of material handling in heavy industry, such as conveyors, heavy-duty power-drawn equipment, heavy-duty dumpsters, aircraft assembly and maintenance, Gantry cranes, hangar doors, and fuel-cell transport. This line includes over 30 product series with capacities ranging from 700 to 20,000 pounds for a wide range of applications and environments, from food service and medical to aerospace and military/industrial.

Let’s take a look at just a few representative models in Albion’s extensive product line of heavy-duty casters.

42 Series Heavy-Duty Spring-Loaded Casters

This caster is on the lighter-capacity end of Albion’s heavy-duty line and offers protection to shock-sensitive loads from damage caused by vibrations or movement during transport. The noise-dampening effect of the load springs and the Prevenz™ antimicrobial wheel option (available in the polyurethane-on-cast-iron model) make this an ideal caster for moving medical equipment in hospital environments as well as aircraft tripod jacks, computer equipment, and other shock-sensitive loads.

The AISI 1045 drop forged steel top plate and yoke base supports an 800-pound capacity, and the double ball bearing swivel section with coined “deep groove” load and machined thrust raceways keep these casters still performing their best when loaded to capacity. The maximum-rated ⅝-inch wheel deflection, along with ¾-inch diameter heat-treated king bolt and nut, softens the ride and boosts shock load capacity. Eight- to ten-inch wheel diameters and single- and double-sided brakes are available, with a tread width of 2 ½ inches for all casters in this line. Wheels with straight roller bearings are easy to lubricate with a ½-inch diameter hollow axle with lock nut, and solid axles are also available for 28 ball bearings.

90 Series Heavy Duty Casters

The rugged 90 Series caster boasts an AISI 1045 drop-forged steel swivel top plate and yoke base, providing exceptional strength and long service life. Available in capacities ranging from 750 to 3,500 pounds, this series rises to the challenges of a wide array of hard-wearing materials handling applications: heavy duty power-drawn equipment, heavy storage racks, work benches, high-capacity die tables, machinery dollies, corrugated steel box trucks, and heavy production fixtures or jigs. A 4-inch diameter deep-grooved load raceway with ½-inch steel balls gives the swivel load bearing enhanced load distribution, and the 2-⅝-inch diameter thrust race with ⅜-inch diameter steel balls ably handle increased capacity. This series offers numerous brake options to match to your work conditions: poly cam, single- or double-sided, face contact, wrap-around, face brake, and welded or hand-operated, field-installable swivel lock. The legs have a ⅜-inch steel plate welded inside and out, and a 1-inch diameter king bolt is heat treated to maximize strength and long-term durability.

94 Series TRL Super Duty Casters (Thrust Swivel Section)

For heavier applications such as automotive plants, aerospace, steel mills, aircraft maintenance, towed trailers, and Gantry cranes, the 94 Series leverages the strength of AISI drop-forged steel with the precision of its thrust swivel section (TRL) to nimbly handle capacities ranging from 900 to 10,000 pounds. The swivel load race is engineered for high capacities with its precision-tapered 5-inch outside diameter roller bearing, paired with a 1-¼-inch tapered roller bearing thrust bearing. There’s a lot of strength underpinning these casters: ⅜-inch formed steel plate legs welded inside and out, a 1-¼-inch diameter king bolt internally forged with a top plate, and a solid 1-inch axle with lock nut. Choose from poly cam, single- or double-sided, face contact, or wrap-around brakes, or if you need a brake that can be installed in the field, opt for a hand-operated swivel lock brake (ensure that your yokes are notched). With 16 models in this series and a wide selection of wheel diameters, tread widths, and capacities, the 94 Series is a robust partner for your heavy-duty material handling tasks.

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These are just a few examples of the strength and reliability Albion engineers into their heavy-duty casters. With nearly 30 other product series in the Albion heavy-duty casters line, you are bound to have questions about which model is right for your needs, and that is where Douglas Equipment comes in.

In business since 1955, Douglas Equipment specializes in material handling equipment and casters. We are located in Miami, and our customers range from residential homeowners to large industrial businesses. We would like to help you with your material handling needs, and give you more information about the Albion Heavy Duty Casters we carry. Contact us today to get your questions answered and find the heavy-duty casters that best meet your needs.