A Douglas Review: The Benefits of Purchasing a Colson Specialty Caster

A Douglas Review: The Benefits of Purchasing a Colson Specialty CasterWhen it comes to choosing casters, one of the most popular choices are casters from Colson Caster Corporation. Colson has been in business supplying state-of-the-art casters since 1885, and has over 200,000 different models in their catalogue. With this much experience, Colson has manufactured some very specific casters for specialty uses and some of these designs have proven so useful that Colson has made them into a line of specialty casters.

The casters in the Colson specialty caster line are designed and manufactured to meet some of the toughest and most punishing conditions around. Many of these conditions would cause other casters to fail. If you have punishing conditions to consider when looking for a caster, you should consider these Colson casters in your search.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Colson Specialty Caster

If you have a very unique application such as conductive rubber wheels used on missile standsor unique shock absorbing casters used in cleaning machines, you could spend a lot of time and money hiring a caster manufacturer to design and build a caster just for you. This can delay your ability to start using the caster in addition to costing an excessive amount of money before having what you think you need.

Instead, you may find that using a caster from the Colson specialty line will meet your needs. It can be delivered in a much shorter time at a price that is easier for you to justify. Check out the models available to see if they might suit your needs:

  • Stainless Steel Precision – 2 series: For handling punishing, corrosive conditions, there is nothing like stainless steel, and this caster can handle the absolute worst. The top plate is thick steel for maximum durability, high impact strength, and includes a zero end play of the swivel mechanism. The casters are maintenance free with permanently sealed precision bearings in metal housings. They are ergonomically friendly and durable with stainless steel precision swivel raceways for maximum roll and swivel ease. Typical applications include medical applications, autoclave operations or anywhere the wash down of equipment is required. Wheel diameters are 5” and load capacity is 300 pounds and wheel material selections include performa flat tread, polyolefin, TPR Hi-Temp and Polyurethane Hi-Tech.
  • Convertible Hand Truck Casters – 2 Series: Compatible with many different nationally branded convertible hand trucks, these casters make great replacements and can include an optional side brake. These hand truck casters include a zinc plated finish, which is attractive and durable, 3/8” bolted axle, and feature polyolefin thread guard for durability and performance. The standard mounting is a 1” X 2 ½” long stem with one mounting hole to secure the caster in place on the hand truck. Caster capacity is 250 pounds.
  • Kick Stop Casters: The Colson Kick Stop casters give the benefits of a twin wheel design with the convenience of a foot brake to lock both the wheel and swivel simultaneously. The unit is a strong pressure die cast metal construction for maximum reliability and lasting performance. The precision axle is built for extended service life and smooth operation, the body and wheel centers are die cast aluminum, and standard finish is white or ball burnished and lacquered. The two-wheel design allows both wheels to spin independently for easier turning in tight spots and improved stability, and the foot brake is easily engaged to lock both wheels. Wheel options are 3” and 4” wheels with 132 pounds capacity and 5” wheels with 175 pound capacities.
  • Contour Solus: These Euro-Design casters combine a sleek modern look with the functionality of a total lock mechanism. Precision brakes reduce maintenance and improve maneuverability and the precision axle is built to exacting tolerances for smooth operation and extended life. Typical applications include medical and diagnostic equipment, electronic equipment, computer equipment and high-tech products. Standard features include a foot brake that is easily engaged to lock both the swivel and the wheel rotation, quiet operation and an aluminum shell to hide the nuts and bolts of the caster construction. The unique shell design of the caster helps keep dirt out of the internal mechanisms for long service life, and the outer shell can be removed from the caster for access to the internal braking mechanism for routine maintenance. These casters come in a wide variety of colors, have either 4” or 5” wheel diameters, and load capacities of 220 pounds and 242 pounds respectively for each wheel size.
  • Business Machine Casters: Made with a corrosion resistant zinc finish, hardened double ball bearing raceways and ultra-tough thermoplastic wheels that resist hard impacts and support high dynamic loads, these casters can see operating temperature ranging from -45F to 180F. These heavy-duty top plate swivel casters are built for punishing conditions. With 3” diameter wheels, some typical applications include computer racks, vending machines, server cabinets and anywhere else that overall load height is restricted. Standard load capacities are 500 pounds, 700 pounds and 1200 pounds. Also available are optional models that are rigid, include a brake or have other additional finish options.

The Specialized Service You Want When Choosing a Specialty Caster

Even if these Colson specialty casters are not what you need, we can help you find the right caster for your unique application. Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955 and in this time our team of service professionals has learned what it takes to find the right caster for unique applications. We are confident that we can help you find the right type of caster at a price that is affordable.

If you are local to Miami, call us direct at 305-888-3700, and national customers can call toll free at 800-451-0030. From our location in South Florida we can very easily serve the entire United States as well as providing quick and reliable shipping to South America and the Caribbean. If you prefer, we can also be contacted online, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions. If you are looking for a special caster for a unique application, Douglas Equipment is the place to call.