Jobs You Didn’t Know Casters Do

Uni 2Everyone knows that casters are used to help easily move things around such as chairs, carts and trolleys, but there are many different specialized uses for casters that many people may not be aware of. Casters are invaluable in a large number of different industries and each of these industries has unique requirements and needs that their casters must meet. At Douglas Equipment we have taken the time to know which casters are available for many different needs, from over a dozen suppliers.

Here are a few of the unique jobs that casters can perform:

Extreme Heat and Cold: No problem

Most casters are made to work under typical temperatures. It is only certain custom-designed casters that can handle the extreme temperatures of some punishing industries. If you need casters for extremely cold environments, such as carts used in walk-in refrigerators, or very hot environments such as the high temperatures found in the steel industry, you will need a caster that is designed for these environments.

There will be many factors to consider, but one of the most important will be the type of wheel you choose. While some wheels will cause problems, choosing a performa rubber or phenolic resin wheel will give you solid performance and durability in temperatures ranging from a low of -45 degrees F to a high of 180 degrees F. Other design features should also be considered, such as those featured in the Colson 8 Series Enforcer Kinpinless Top Plate Swivel Caster:

  • 8 Series Enforcer Kingpinless Top Plate Swivel Caster: This highly mobile caster from Colson is packed with a multi-temperature grease that is able to lubricate in extreme temperatures. These casters have an attractive, durable and resilient zinc plated finish for strong wear, and also come in a fixed top plate model for many different caster combinations on a cart.

In order to eliminate a section failure in the swivel, the kingpinless design is there to handle the shock and stretching seen with a standard kingpin design. There is recessed zerk grease fitting, which prevents damage, but allows for lubricating with the 45 multi-grease for extreme temperatures. Load capacities range from 680 – 6000 lbs. and the caster can include an optional hand activated swivel lock.

High Humidity Environment: We Have What You Need

Hospitals have a unique problem with their equipment because it needs to be able to be sterilized quickly. In order to do this, hospitals will put carts, trolleys, beds and equipment into a sterilization cabinet that will kill any communicable pathogens with a very high temperature steam heat. As you can imagine this high humidity environment is not the best place for most casters, which is why unique designs like the one below are needed:

  • Rhombus 380 Medical Equipment Caster: By using a plastic polyamide white housing and precision ball bearings in the fork head, these casters can be made rust free and also offer easy rolling capabilities. They are recommended for use on hospital beds, care beds, intensive care beds and OP beds because of their ability to be cleaned easily in disinfecting cubicles.

For easily locking the caster in place, a total lock and directional brake are incorporated into an integrated selection mechanism. This selection mechanism is continually greased to prevent wear and degradation. A positive locking mechanism is used so that the lock is not reliant on friction between the lock and the tread, which engages the central web of the wheel. In this way, the locking action does not depend on tread condition. Casters are 150 mm diameter with a capacity of 185 kg.

Why Not Make Your Workshop Mobile?

If you have a smaller workshop, you will likely be constantly wishing you had a little more room, but you might not have thought about how casters could help. By installing casters onto your work equipment, either directly to the legs or by using a cart, you can easily store your large saws, router tables and drill presses against the wall and bring them into a large central area when you need to use them. This can increase the productivity of your small workshop immensely.

Here is an ideal caster for smaller equipment, carts and cabinets in your workshop:

  • BDS/BDR Series: These casters incorporate a sleek low profile design so that you can keep a lower center of gravity on taller equipment. The highly durable dual ball raceways are protected by a dust cap, making them ideal for use in workshop environments. Models can be either rigid or swivel and include top plate or stem attachments for different attachments to various types of equipment. Wheels come in 2” and 2 1/2” models with either neoprene or glass filled precision bearing nylon. Wheel capacities are either 300 -400 lbs.

The Best Customer Service and Advice When Choosing Casters for Your Jobs

If you are looking for an expert in the unique uses of casters, the team at Douglas Equipment is the place to look. Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955. In this time we have excelled at finding the right casters for our customers unique needs every time. We are confident that we can help you find the right type of caster at a price that is affordable. From our location in South Florida we can easily ship the casters you need to anywhere in the entire United States, South America or the Caribbean.

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