Wholesale Caster Selection Guide


Wholesale Caster Selection GuideSuppose you’re looking for two different casters. The first is for office seating and must roll quietly across uncarpeted office floors. The second caster will be used on an aircraft flight line, and must support a load of 30,000 lbs.

Would you expect to find one manufacturer who can supply both casters? Probably not! At Douglas Equipment, we supply casters to a range of customers whose requirements are extremely broad. To meet the needs of our customers, we have become authorized distributors for a large number of the world’s leading manufacturers of casters and wheels.

Looking for a Specific Kind of Caster?

Most of the manufacturers we represent make an extensive line of products, but also specialize in a particular niche. Shepherd Caster, for example, is a leading innovator in making casters for seating products, as well as many other applications; they would be a good choice for a supplier of the first caster mentioned above. Albion Industries, on the other hand, makes extremely heavy-duty casters, some of which have load capacities that exceed 30,000 lbs.! They would be a good choice to supply the second caster mentioned above.

Below we’ll provide a selection guide for some of our leading manufacturers. We hope this will give you an idea of the broad range of products that you will find available from Douglas Equipment.

Wide Array of Casters Sold by Douglas Equipment

  • Colson

    – In business since 1885, Colson has created an extremely broad line of industrial and institutional casters. They have continuously innovated over the years, and developed many of the industry’s leading products, including the unique Performa wheel. Colson’s casters are used on container and laundry equipment, material handling products, and in warehouses, factories and institutions worldwide. Load capacities range from 60 to 6,000 lbs, per caster.

  • Shepherd

    – Founded in the 1950s to make casters for furniture in the residential market, Shepherd has since become a leading manufacturer of light duty and low-profile casters. They moved into the office seating market in the 1960s, and appliance and institutional markets after that. They now make single and twin wheel casters, which can be customized for aesthetics, performance or cost. Load capacities range from 40 to 1,000 lbs, per caster.

  • Albion

    – This company has been producing heavy-duty solutions to the most demanding material handling challenges for over 65 years. Albion manufactures industrial casters and wheels. Their standard offering is very large, and they also create custom designs. Albion’s extensive experience has enabled them to develop unique technologies, and meet the ergonomic and performance requirements of customers in the aerospace, automotive, material handling and other industries. Load capacities range from 240 to more than 30,000 lbs, per caster.

  • Bassick

    – Founded in 1878, Bassick makes high quality casters and wheels for business machines and other industrial products. They specialize in low profile casters. Their Honcho brand casters are used in many industries. Bassick has developed many innovative brakes over the years, including the Sure-Lok Brake, which has dramatically improved braking performance on low-profile business machines. Load capacities for Bassick casters range from 160 to 3,500 lbs per caster.

  • Caster Concepts

    – This is a modern manufacturing company, founded in 1987. Caster Concepts makes high quality, heavy duty, industrial strength casters and replacement caster wheels. They use the latest engineering and manufacturing processes to manufacture their products. Their casters and wheels are used in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and heavy equipment industries. Load capacities range from 250 to 35,000 lbs.

  • Faultless

    – In business since 1889, Faultless produces light duty to medium duty casters for institutional and industrial applications. They make casters designed specifically for business machines, as well as for the material handling and janitorial markets. Load capacities range from 80 to 1,250 lbs, per caster.

  • Hamilton

    – Located in Hamilton, Ohio, this company has been in business since 1907. Hamilton specializes in manufacturing rugged, durable and extremely heavy duty casters. Their products are used in industries with demands for load capacities that are very high, such as aerospace or automotive manufacturing. Hamilton recently made history by making one of the largest casters ever built – it had a 200-ton capacity! For their standard offerings, load capacities range from 240 to 40,000 lbs.

  • Jarvis

    – For more than 80 years, Jarvis has specialized in providing casters for the hospitality and food service industries. They have come up with solutions for many challenging requirements, and are frequently chosen by leading manufacturers. Jarvis casters and wheels are available with a variety of unique fastenings, finishes and sizes. Load capacities range from 100 to 1250 lbs, per caster.

  • MedCaster

    – This company designs and manufactures casters and wheels for medical applications. In developing their products, they focus on achieving satisfaction for both patients and operators. Equipment mounted on MedCaster casters moves quietly and smoothly, with a minimum of effort. Because the casters are very clean, they are ideal choices for the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries, as well as healthcare. Load capacities range from 75 to 1,000 lbs, per caster.

  • Pemco

    – This company has been in business for over 65 years. Pemco has developed casters specifically for shopping carts, as well as other trucks and multipurpose carts. Their casters provide great value at competitive prices. Developed and proven in retail and industrial environments, Pemco casters and wheels are favorite choices for OEMs and service companies. Load capacities range from 80 to 1,250 lbs, per caster.

Find the Best Supplier for Your Unique Requirements – Contact Douglas Equipment!

In addition to the companies listed above, we also carry products from Algood, Bestway Casters, Rhombus and many other caster companies. The manufacturers we represent are wholesalers. That means they sell their products through distributors, such as Douglas Equipment.

We are here to help you find the best supplier for the caster you need. Whether it’s for an office chair or a maintenance stand supporting a jet engine, a load capacity of 75 lbs. or 10,000 lbs. – tell us about your requirements, and we’ll recommend the perfect mobility solution. Please contact our customer service team today at 800-451-0030 (or 305-888-3700 in the Miami area). We’re also available through our contact form if you’d prefer to reach out via email. We look forward to helping in your search!