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Wesco Material Handling Equipment: What You Need to Know

Wesco Material Handling Equipment: What You Need to KnowThanks to our extensive experience in helping our customers find the perfect solutions for their material handling problems, we know that the best solution is often a product from Wesco. To help you become familiar with Wesco’s material handling equipment, we’ll describe their main product categories in the sections below. One of these products just might be the perfect solution for your unique requirements.

Wesco’s Broad Range of Material Handling Products:

Hand Trucks – Wesco’s first products were hand trucks, and now, more than 60 years later, the range of hand trucks they offer is truly extensive. For the homeowner or budget-minded customer, they offer two-wheeled hand trucks that are well-made yet inexpensive; some even fold up for compact storage! For industrial customers, Wesco makes sturdy and durable products in a range of materials, such as steel, aluminum – and even stainless steel. Their convertible hand trucks offer an extra set of wheels, allowing you to convert a two-wheeled hand truck into a four-wheel platform truck, or to support the load in an inclined position. Wesco’s heavy-duty and specialty hand trucks can be used to transport large or bulky items, such as appliances and vending machines.

Pallet Jacks – If you need to transport loads that are stacked on pallets, Wesco offers a broad line of pallet jacks (also known as pallet trucks). They manufacture pallet trucks that are operated by hand, employing pump handles that elevate the load, or with foot pumps. Forks are available in standard widths, as well as narrow widths. Many of Wesco’s pallet trucks are pulled or pushed by hand; others are electrically powered. For clean rooms or harsh environments, stainless steel pallet trucks are available. While many of Wesco’s pallet trucks lift the load a few inches, others are available that can lift a load several feet off the ground. Wesco also provides accessories, such as pallet jack stops and pallet truck chocks.

Drum Handling Equipment – Lifting, transporting and working with 55 gallon or other size drums can be a challenge. Wesco manufactures a full line of products specifically designed to meet that challenge. They make drum trucks you can use to grip a round drum, raise it up and then transport it across the floor. Wesco’s drum lifters, slings and dispensers allow you to hoist and tilt drums. Drum dollies, racks and cradles can support individual drums, and make them easily portable. Wesco also makes all associated items for drum operations, such as drum wrenches, pumps, faucets, drip pans and much more.

Lift Equipment – If you need to lift a load, transport it from one point to another, and then raise it up several feet above the floor for stacking or storage, Wesco makes many products that can get the job done. They manufacture manual models, which can elevate the load by using pumps or pedal lifts; and battery-powered models that use electrical power to elevate and transport the load. Some of Wesco’s stackers have forks, to work with pallets; others have platforms, which are perfect for lifting boxes or drums. Wesco’s lift equipment includes scissor lift tables, chain hoists and trolleys.

Platform Trucks, Carts, & Dollies – Whether made from wood, aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, Wesco’s line of trucks, carts and dollies is impressive. They produce wire cage and wire basket platform trucks, to hold small items; and platform trucks with handles for larger items. Wesco manufactures many varieties of dollies, as well as plastic and steel service carts.

Dock and Shipping Equipment – Wesco provides all of the other items you may need around a warehouse or industrial facility, such as NSF approved wire shelving and accessories, strip doors, strapping tools, UL approved dock lights, trailer stabilizing jacks – even replacement wheels for material handling equipment.

Wesco’s History

In business since 1955, Douglas Equipment has become a distributor and authorized representative for all of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment in the world. One of our top manufacturers opened their doors just a few years before us, in 1948. Wesco Industrial Products, Inc. had it’s start in Philadelphia, PA. Their original name was Welding Service and Equipment Co., which was shortened to Wesco a few years later. In 1961, the company moved to North Wales, PA, where they are presently located.

The company began by designing and manufacturing steel hand trucks. Later, they added drum handling equipment to their product line. Over the years, they developed a reputation for well made, dependable products. They have continued to expand the range of products they make, adding appliance and vending trucks, platform trucks, pallet jacks, carts, dollies and other industrial material handling products. Wesco acquired Lesco Engineering and Manufacturing Co. in 2007, a company which specializes in custom designed lift tables.

Many of our customers are familiar with one category of Wesco products, but have no idea of the broad range of quality material handling products available from this manufacturer. For example, many people may have noticed Wesco pallet jacks used in places such as major home improvement centers; they might then form the opinion that Wesco only makes pallet jacks. If they need a hand truck or platform dolly, they might not realize that they can purchase these products from the same quality manufacturer that makes the pallet jacks they’re familiar with.

For Any of the Above – and Even Custom Products! – Call Douglas Equipment!

For each product category listed above, Wesco has many different models – each of which might have dozens of options available. If that’s not enough, Wesco has a Custom Products Department, with the ability to design and manufacture steel or aluminum custom material handling products based on your unique needs. With all of these choices available, the simplest way to decide which one is the perfect solution for your unique situation is to contact one of the experts at Douglas Equipment. We will be happy to recommend the best Wesco product for you. Pick up the phone and give us a call today toll free at 800-451-0030, or 305-888-3700 in the Miami area. You can even contact us through our online form now!